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How To Produce Wire Harness Faster? - JMK
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Wire harness is an important component that connects various electrical appliances and electronic equipment. It transmits electrical signals between power supplies, switches, electrical appliances and electronic equipment. It is known as nerve transmission and blood supply, and is the carrier of electrical signal control. In the automobile industry, wire harness is called nerve transmission and blood supply, and it is the carrier of electrical signal control of automobile. in fact, wire harness involves many industries, such as home appliance industry wire harness processing, new energy automotive industry wire harness processing, data harness processing and power harness processing and so on. so, how to produce related wire harness efficiently and quickly is of great concern to these industries.

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Three major aspects to produce wire harness more quickly.

1. Use more efficient tools.
If we want to do good work, we must first sharpen its tools. What we are saying is that if we want to be efficient, we must have good tools. Is this not the case when we do wire harness processing? From the most traditional manual processing, to the use of semi-automatic wire harness terminal machine, and then to the current fully automatic terminal machine is actually an iterative upgrade process of wire harness processing equipment. Now, if we want to have a place in the fierce competition in the industry, we have to find a way to have more efficient production tools than your competitors. At present, the fully automatic double end wire harness machine developed by JMK Intelligence is one of the top-level wire harness processing automation equipment. The working efficiency is twice that of the ordinary fully automatic wire harness machine, and the production cost is greatly reduced when the maintenance personnel are inconvenient.

2. Adaptable equipment.
If the order of the wire harness processing factory is not a single one, but needs to be switched flexibly, then the fully automatic double-head wiring terminal function is required to have a strong adaptability, changing tools and moulds are more convenient, and the operator can complete it independently at one time, reducing the line change time.

3. The quality of production is guaranteed.
If only the production efficiency is improved, the quality is not guaranteed, the line is always stuck, and the defect rate is high, then the effective production efficiency can not be guaranteed and the product quality can not be guaranteed, so the production quality is paid attention to. This not only requires excellent quality of the wire harness machine, relevant equipment maintenance personnel, operators are more likely to master the use of tools, have good anti-stupor measures, self-diagnosis ability.

If you want to not only have a place in the wire harness processing market, but also take the lead, then you have to give priority to adjustment and optimization from the above three aspects. For wire harness machines and personnel training, you might as well contact us directly with JMK.

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