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How To Correct Use Wire Harness Machine - JMK
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Wire harness machine is always kind of high automation processing equipment, so to operate in strict accordance with the requirements to avoid some failures. Use the fully automatic wire harness machine to press the opportunity to the fault to power off to check, if can not judge the problem, do not disassemble by own, ask a professional master door-to-door maintenance. The principle of correct use of the fully wire harness machine is to pay attention to the sharp parts, to cut off the power and manpower at the end of the work, and to supervise the running process of the machine.

In addition, when using the wire harness machine, especially for the novice, because it is the first contact, many places do not quite understand, coupled with the newly bought fully automatic wire harness machine, then it required to read the instructions carefully and strictly follow the instructions.

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How To Correct Use Wire Harness Machine

Must follow the normal operation to use the wire harness machine, so if there are some problems in the process of use, how to deal with it?

Cut off power supply and check.

What needs to be done is to cut off the power supply and then check it. It is important to remember that nothing can be done without the power supply being cut off.

Contact professional maintenance technicians.

If it is necessary to repair the automatic wire harness machine, then we should contact the professional maintenance technicians. generally speaking, other people are not allowed to disassemble the automatic wire harness machine privately.

Pay attention to sharp parts.

If understand the fully automatic wire harness machine, we should know that on the automatic wire harness machine, some parts are very sharp, so you must be careful not to touch it casually during the operation of the wire harness machine. to avoid an accident.

The power will be cut off at the end of the work.

At the end of every day's work, it is necessary to cut off the power of the automatic wire harness machine.

The operation process should be supervised.

In the process of running the wire harness machine, can not be far away, if you need to stay away, first of all to cut off the power supply. Every kind of mechanical equipment has certain safety risks, and no one can guarantee that there will be no accidents, but we can reduce the incidence of accidents, so when we use automatic wire harness machine, be sure to follow the steps above in the operating instructions. If maintenance and disassembly are needed, contact professional maintenance personnel to deal with it.

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