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The powerful function of Wire Harness Machine - JMK
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Wire harness machine is to selectively automate the wire harness production process, their function is extensible that can be actually become an assembly line. In fact, the automatic wire harness machine function is not just a terminal in the alphabetical sense, but can integrate all kinds of wire harness production processes, so the wire harness machine function is expandable, when the expanded functions are to a certain extent, in fact, this has become an assembly line, as is the case with the typical ac line.

The following JMK will share the introduction of the fully automatic wire harness machine:

wire harness machinewire harness

Introduction to the basic knowledge of wire harness machine

1. Principle of wire harness machine.
Wire harness machine is a common harness processing equipment, which is different from wire harness processing equipment such as stripping machine. the main function of terminal machine is to realize the connection between wire harness for convenience. In the past, the connection of the wire harness was to connect two wires by welding, while the terminal machine was pressed to the end of the wire with a hardware head, and then made a connection, so that the two wires could be connected. The advantage of this processing is that when the operator split the two wires, they only need to unplug the terminal head, which is how the wire harness machine works.

2. Semi-automatic wire harness machine.
Semi Auto wire harness machine is a kind of common terminal machine equipment, which is collectively referred to as terminal machine, which is widely used in the market and has strong applicability.
At present, one kind of semi-automatic terminal machine is ordinary terminal machine and mute terminal machine, a pedal-type power-off clutch device, which is mainly opened and closed by manual means, because in the process of working, the motor is running continuously and the clutch pedal will stop working. The working principle of the mute terminal machine is similar, except that one motor is frequency conversion mute, and the other is an ordinary motor.
Mute terminal machine is the mute upgrade version of ordinary terminal machine.

3. Fully automatic wire harness machine.
Generally speaking, the fully automatic wire harness machine is highly intelligent, because it integrates integrated circuits, servers, manipulators, and detection signals. Because of its high degree of automation, manual operation can be avoided when it is running. It only needs to set the working mode. Give the server a working signal, and this signal will be transmitted to the work drive motor through a series of components, and then realize the start and stop of the work.
This is how the automatic wire harness machine works.

Their Function.

1. The function of automatic wire cutting and peeling machine.
As the name implies, the fully automatic wire cutting and peeling machine refers to the equipment that can be used to cut the wire rod for fixed length, peel and press the wire after the continuous terminals and wire feeding equipment are installed again. It can be single-ended or double-headed, such as automatic double-head terminal machine.
This kind of terminal machine can accurately set the cutting length, the peeling length of single or double ends, and crimp the terminals of single or double ends, and the double-ended terminal machines can also choose to turn off one of the work and turn it into a single-end cutting and peeling mode to meet a variety of wire processing needs.

2. Function of automatic wire cutting, peeling and tin dipping machine.
As before, the name has introduced the functions of this type of model, that is, wire cutting, skinning and tin dipping.
JM-600 can process single head or double head according to the demand. In addition to the above functions, double head twisting can also be carried out to achieve a better tinning effect.

3. The function of automatic single-end tinning machine.
This kind of machine can be used for cutting and peeling single or double ends, as well as twisting, tinning and tapping at one end. it is mainly used for wire harnesses where one end needs to be tinned and crimped.

4. Ac line function.
Ac line is what we call power line automatic assembly line, this kind of wire harness machine has been upgraded to automatic assembly line, its functions are very many.
Ac cable can produce European Union plug, Polish plug, South African plug and other standard power harness.

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