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Trouble Shooting Of Wire Crimping Machine - JMK
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Wire crimping machine has many fault analysis and solutions, and we will continue to add newly discovered trouble shooting and solutions in this article. Although after customer have purchased the fully automatic wire crimping machine, the crimping machine manufacturer will help debug the machine and put it online normally, but the fully automatic terminal machine has been used for a long time, and it is inevitable that there will be wear and tear and breakdowns, and when you encounter these failures, you can usually turn to the manufacturer for help.However, it is still very necessary for us to know more about the fault analysis of the fully automatic terminal machine. here are the automatic wire crimping machine faults and solutions that we have collected and sorted out.

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Trouble Shooting Of Wire Crimping Machine.

Continuous failure of the wire crimping machine.

Solution method.
a.Check whether the switch near the end spindle is damaged or if the screw is loose.
b.Check whether the circuit board and pedal are broken.

c.Check whether the moving rod spring falls off or breaks and loses elasticity, and whether the moving rod is damaged.

Uneven failure of exposed copper wire in wire harness terminal.

Solution method.
a.Check whether the gun-shaped swing arm catheter is attached to the wire.
b.Check whether the knife edge is relatively straight with the swing arm catheter.
c.Check whether the auxiliary pressing block is loose.
d.Check if there is any change in the distance between the automaton and the automaton.

The automatic wire crimping machine has no response fault.

Solution method.
a.Check if the power cord is connected or if there is a problem with the line.
b.Check whether the circuit board is intact and damaged.
c.Check whether each switch can be used.
d.Check whether the pedal is burnt out.
e.Check whether the electromagnet is still magnetized or burned.

Has a lot of noise.

It is normal for a fully automatic wire crimping machine to have a slight noise. If the noise is too high, it may be:
a.Wear occurs between certain parts and assemblies, resulting in increased friction.
b.The screw is loose in the work, which leads to the jitter of the part.
Solution method.
a.Increase lubricating oil.
b.Replace spare parts.
c.Do fastening treatment.

Fault of inconsistent length of wire harness cutting.

Solution method.
a.It may be that the feeding wheel is too tight or too loose; adjust the straightener to play the role of straightening and can be sent out smoothly.
b.Tangent edge wear or edge; replace a new cutter.

The automatic wire crimping machine cannot start operation or stop failure during operation.

Solution method.
a.Check for current input (220V) and 6KG pressure.
b.Check whether the total number of settings has arrived, and if so, reset the power supply and restart it.
c.Check to see if the wire or some running part is stuck.
d.Check whether there is a signal connection or power connection and lead to the machine without pressure.

Fault of different length of wire harness peeling opening.

Solution method.
a.The feeding wheel is pressed too tight or loose; use the roller to adjust the gap between the two wheels so that the wire is not flattened and slipped too loose.
b.The cutting knife is cut too shallow or too deep; use the cutter depth adjustment to adjust the knife edge to the appropriate position, so that the copper wire will not be hurt and the rubber can fall off smoothly.
c.Wear or edge of the cutter; replace a new cutter blade.

Failure of motor rotation of automatic wire crimping machine.

Solution method.
a.Check to see if the power supply is working.
b.Has the fuse been burned out?
c.Finally, check that there is something wrong with the motor itself.

Wire harness notch irregular fault.

Solution method.
a.The blade is not installed.
b.The blade is worn and needs to be replaced.
c.The wire harness tension value does not meet the requirements, please check the wire tension comparison table of the automatic terminal machine.

Automatic alarm failure of fully automatic wire crimping machine.

Solution method.
a.The frequency converter alarms, the fully automatic terminal machine has no action of pressing the terminal after arm swing, and needs to be restarted after 2 minutes of shutdown.
b.Alarm in normal work, calculator parameters reach the predetermined value, or there are other abnormal alarms, it is necessary to reset the parameters and view the problem points according to the actual situation.

c.If there are some problems, such as bad terminal alarm, probe position offset, improper distance adjustment, terminal deformation and so on, it is necessary to adjust the laser probe to check whether the terminal is seriously deformed.

In short, whether it is a fully automatic wire crimping machine, an automatic terminal crimping machine or other terminal machines, the principle is actually the same, but there are many fault analysis and solutions for the fully automatic terminal machine. We will continue to add new fault analysis and solutions in this article. We hope to be more helpful to the operator. Please pay attention to this article in time, if you encounter the above failure to solve the problems you are facing.Welcome to contact us directly for in-depth communication.

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