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Maintenance Process of Automatic Crimping Machine - JMK
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Automatic crimping machine is high-speed wire harness equipment, as a mechanical equipment, faults are inevitable, so the maintenance process must be mastered. For many modern enterprises, it is inseparable from a kind of equipment such as a fully automatic crimping machine, and in the process of use, only if we pay attention to all the relevant matters, can we make the equipment more effective and avoid safety accidents. The following introduction from JMK will take to understand the maintenance process of some fully automatic crimping machine and points for attention in the use of fully automatic crimping machines:

automatic crimping machineautomatic crimping machine

Maintenance process of fully automatic crimping machine.

1. The operator found a problem at automatic crimping machine. 

There are two situations here. 

A. Severe shutdown and power off. Serious operator shutdown power supply, if there are problems in use, especially the smell of burning, abnormal noise and other conditions, usually more serious, the operator is required to stop the power supply in time, stop the loss in time, and ensure safety. 

B. Not serious to maintain operation and on-site. 
If it is not serious, there is only a slight fluctuation in the quality of the product, and the operator finds that there may be a problem, but does not find any major problem with the equipment, so he can come and see the internal maintenance staff directly without stopping the machine.

2. Inspection by internal equipment maintainer in own factory. 

Timely notify the standby maintenance staff, inform them of the basic situation, and then check the fully automatic crimping machine. 
There are also two situations here. 
Handle minor failures on their own. After the equipment maintenance staff detection found that the problem is not serious, located to the relevant problem point, repair, replacement of standing parts can be normal operation, after trial operation, handed over to the operator technical production. 

A serious failure cannot be handled. After inspection, can not find the problem, or found that the problem is more serious, can not be dealt with independently, but also five related parts replacement, you need to report to the factory leader, in time to call the automatic terminal machine manufacturers for door-to-door maintenance and inspection.

3. Processing result of fully automatic crimping machine manufacturer. 

The plan and quotation are given according to the processing results of the manufacturer, and the relevant maintenance operations are carried out after examination and approval. after the maintenance is completed, the equipment maintainers carry out re-inspection, confirmation and acceptance, and leave it to the operator to continue production after trial operation.

Common faults and solutions of automatic crimping machine

Matters needing attention in the use of automatic crimping machine. 

1. In the process of operating the automatic crimping machine, if there is anything abnormal in the machine and equipment, then it is necessary to turn off the power supply in time, and after the power supply is turned off, it is necessary to invite maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance and debugging work in time. 

2. In the process of using the equipment, if there is a need to debug or disassemble the machine parts, it must not be carried out without authorization, and the designated personnel should be asked to help them with the relevant work. only in this way can we better ensure the safety of use, and at the same time reduce the unnecessary damage to the equipment. 

3. In the process of operating the equipment, under the condition that the power of the equipment is not cut off, never put your fingers or any part of the body into the punching range of the equipment, so as to avoid some accidents. 

In short, the above is the automatic crimping machine maintenance process, common failures and precautions, in the daily operation must not be ignored, so as not to cause some unnecessary safety accidents. In addition, when purchasing, we should also pay attention to the selection of equipment with quality assurance, which can avoid accidents to a certain extent.

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