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What is the wire crimping machine? - JMK
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It is not enough to know the concepts of wire crimping machine, we should understand the classification and basic working principle of wire crimping machine. Although the wire harness manufacturers have gradually watered down the concept of wire crimping machine and advocated more intelligent and automated wire harness production lines, it is still necessary for us to know what is the basic concept of wire crimping machine. Only by deeply understanding the basic things, can we control the more advanced and more intelligent assembly line.

wire crimping machinewire crimping machine

The purpose of using wire crimping machine.

Wire crimping machine refers to a kind of machine used in wire processing, which presses the hardware head to the end of the wire and then conducts it. The printed terminal can be connected without welding, so it is easy to use. Wire crimping machine refers to a kind of machine used in wire processing, which can press the hardware head to the end of the wire and then turn it on.

1. Specially designed for wire rods that need riveting processing, with high speed and good quality. 

2. The copper sheet presses to connect the wire to replace the traditional soldering method, without the disadvantages of cold welding, air welding and air pollution. It is a simple and effective way to pass various safety specification tests (UL,JIS). 

3. The terminal material of special continuous copper strip is cut off, shaped, pressed and completed at one time, which is rapid and no waste, so as to save cost. 

4. After special grain treatment and riveting, the copper belt terminal has strong tensile strength and stable quality. 

5. Equipped with straight / bending die seat for connection of different products. 

6. The wire crimping machine adopts roller clutch, accurate fixed point, variable terminal, changeable card type die base or only mould and bottom plate, saving cost, suitable for pressing all kinds of terminals (such as vehicle terminal, flag terminal). You can also make a phone call with a special feeding device with money, which is stable and durable, and the feeding length of the gold thread will not be error.

terminal crimperterminal crimper

Classification of wire crimping machine

Wire crimping machine can be classified as automatic wire crimping machine, stripping and taping terminal machine, super silent wire crimping machine, pneumatic wire crimping machine, wiring terminal machine, computer wire automatic stripping terminal machine, pin machine terminal crimping machine, gold wire crimping machine and so on.

The characteristics of the fully automatic wire crimping machine: the fully automatic terminal machine is an automatic machine that integrates wire feeding, wire cutting, peeling and terminal tapping. 

The characteristics of semi-automatic terminal machine: semi-automatic terminal machine in the wire processing project requires manual participation, suitable for a variety of complex shielding lines, multi-core lines, separate terminal steps.

wire harness processing

Working principle of terminal machine

1. (stepping principle) the motor keeps turning. 
Inside there is a breaker with clutch, each move is a standard "O" out, is common.

2. There is a (mute) wire crimping machine brought by the server, and its operation principle is not the same as the above, just give a message to the server, and then transmit this information to the motor to form an action.

3. Terminal crimping and excellent quality products.
The processing of the wire refers to a machine that can press the hardware head to the end of the wire. And then make a guide. The terminal produced by the wire crimping machine is usually for the convenience of connection, and the two wires can be connected stably without welding.

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