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How To Adjust Speed Of Double End Terminal Insertion machine
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It is not very difficult technology to adjust speed of terminal insertion machine, but it still requires maintainers to accumulate it with necessary experience. We must remember that this fine-tuning does not have a standard value,  but needs to be fine-tuned according to the specific conditions of wire harness production at that time. For the fully automatic double-head terminal insertion machine, the most convenient place is that the adjustment parameters are very flexible and can be operated by front-line staff. Now, JMK is going to talk about how to adjust the speed of a fully automatic double end terminal insertion machine:

terminal insertion machine

How To Adjust Speed Of Double End Terminal Insertion machine.

1. Let's first look at the adjustment range. 
The speed of each terminal insertion machine has a certain range, neither too slow nor too fast, and such important parameters are usually listed in the manual, such as the insertion speed of the JM-S600 A hand B pressed at both ends is 1.8s / strip, and the rubber seat exchange is 2.4s. 

2. Adjust by combining wire harness and terminal material. 
Specific adjustment also needs to refer to the fully automatic terminal machine wire tension comparison table and terminal pressure gauge, the specific adjustment of terminal pressure can refer to the "automatic terminal insertion machine pressure testing steps". 

3. Make fine-tuning. 
After step 2, we get a relatively accurate adjustment speed, but for accurate adjustment, we still need to fine-tune to achieve a satisfactory state, which requires terminal insertion machine technicians to make micro-adjustments slowly. When you are satisfied with the speed of the adjustment, you can switch to the mass production mode and give it to the front-line staff to continue the operation!

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