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How To Customize Terminal Insertion Machine - JMK
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Terminal insertion machine is a kind of multi-functional automatic wire harness processing equipment which integrates terminal crimping and connector insertion. And this kind of terminal insertion machine often has wire harness manufacturers will ask to do part of the customization function, so what do we need to pay attention to when customizing?

Here are four points that JMK should pay attention to when customizing automatic wire terminal insertion machine:

4 points of how to customize terminal insertion machine. 

terminal insertion machine

terminal insertion machine

1. Communication needs are important. 
Because with the current JMK more than 20 years of experience, our automatic double-ended terminal insertion machine can actually cover most of the actual problems in wire harness production, but there are still some wire harness manufacturers do need their own customized functions, then in view of this situation, you might as well communicate with us in depth, maybe you want the function we already have, so it is not compared to additional customization.

2. Realize customized function through simple adjustment of terminal insertion machine. 
Sometimes on the surface, some functions are customized and need to be customized, but from our professional point of view, it may be to change the parameters of the terminal insertion machine and adjust several parts and components. A few modules can solve the problem. A typical scenario is that wire harness manufacturers need to produce different wire harnesses with terminals, but the shape of this terminal is different, but everything else is the same, so you only need to replace the relevant moulds and cutters. Adjust the parameters of the machine to make a smooth adaptation.

3. Customized price is high about terminal insertion machine.
If you decide to make wire harness customized equipment, then you must be psychologically prepared that the customized price is often much higher than that of the ready-made terminal machine, because individual research and development, mold opening, production, etc., all require extra time, energy and cost, so the cost of this piece will not be low.

4. Target efficiency improvement rate.
Before customization, we should have a rough estimate in mind that after the development of such a customized terminal machine, especially this fully automatic double-ended terminal insertion machine, how much work efficiency can be improved, and whether it can be within our expectations, the labor cost savings, and taking into account some other relevant factors, is it worth the effort?

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