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Four Points When Using Automotive Wire Harness Machine
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Before using the automobile wire harness assembly line, it is generally by the automobile harness assembly line manufacturers to help do equipment debugging, we need to pay attention to other functional parts such as harness terminal part, strand part, connection part and personnel training, so as to further improve the production efficiency of the factory.

Cars are now a more popular means of transportation, and many families have their own cars, but do you know that the circuits in cars are relatively complex? in order to facilitate connection and disassembly, a large number of wire harnesses with terminals are used for connection, and these wire harnesses are usually placed inside the PVC pipe to be protected.
So how is the car wire harness produced? In fact, it uses a series of automobile wiring harness machine, and it does not only refer to a device, but should include a series of equipment and link parts, including a fully automatic terminal machine. So what do you need to pay attention to when using car harness assembly lines?

automotive wire harness machine
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automotive wire harness machine

Four Points When Using Automotive Wire Harness Machine.

1. Harness terminal part. 
The working procedure of this part is usually realized by automotive wire harness machine, and the use of automotive wire harness machine needs to follow the operation methods and steps, and can't be fooled by the feeling of the operator. if there is a problem, it needs to be judged by the corresponding technicians. according to the standard handling method when the wire harness machine breaks down. And to do a good job of automotive wire harness maintenance. 

2. Other functional parts such as stranded wires. 
Because the automotive wire harness assembly line in addition to the key harness terminal, tangent, tin and other basic actions, there may be a variety of operations, such as stranding, marking, piping, testing, and so on, and different functions correspond to different equipment. only in the automobile harness assembly line with a high degree of automation, many functions have been integrated, not so clear equipment segmentation. Therefore, when using these functions, we should not only treat them separately, but also have an overall and clear idea of fault analysis, so that once there is a problem, we can have a clear line to retrograde the problem point, and the problem will be solved more quickly.

3. Connecting part of automotive wire harness machine. 
Although the connection of each part is not a high-tech product, it is often prone to problems in these intermediate links, so it is necessary to pay special attention to the use and maintenance of the connection. 

4. Personnel training. 
The automobile industry already belongs to an industry with relatively strict requirements, so workers should be given strict training. Only when the training is passed can the work permit be issued and the certificate be held. Only in this way can the smooth use of the automotive wire harness machine be ensured, the production efficiency be improved, and the production quality of the automotive wire harness be guaranteed.

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