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11 advantages of automatic wire connector terminal insertion machine.
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Automatic terminal insertion machine can complete many wire harness processes, including wearing the rubber shell, wire crimping and terminal insert housing. This series of JMK made is equipped with Japanese cable pressure detection system, 2 lines-10 kinds of line color selection, wire selection between 30mm / m 2m for on-line conversion. Function: fixed length cutting of wire, peeling at both ends, pressing at both ends (with crimping belt structure), automatic setting of pressing height, insertion of terminals at both ends (automatic setting of insertion position), supply of glue seat, selection of good or not discharge, 2-10 color wire selection.

terminal insertion machine
JM-601B Automatic double-head crimping & Single plug shell

terminal insertion machine

11 advantages of automatic terminal insertion machine.

1. Wide coverage of production and manufacturing wires.

It can be used from wire rod, high production capacity and wide application field.

2. Easy to operate.

Full digital operation interface, front-line staff can also easily operate, can easily adjust various parameters.

3. High precision and high speed.
Full servo motor driver, high precision, faster speed.

4. Self-diagnosis.
Can check the presence or absence of wires, wire binding, terminals, standard air pressure inspection, terminal pressure detection, terminal appearance visual inspection, etc.

5. With leftover material recovery equipment, the rubber set after peeling can be purchased automatically to finish the bag.

6. Precision adjustment.
Can be flexibly adjusted according to different precision requirements, if you need a very high precision terminal, you can replace the terminal machine with a solid casting terminal machine, or you can change the cutter motor into AC servo motor.

7. The working pressure detection system can be modified to monitor the working pressure of each terminal in real time, and automatically shut down and report when the working pressure is abnormal.

8. It can customize the vibration plate for the loose weighing terminal and complete the automatic feeding of the loose weighing terminal.

9. When the production and processing line is medium and long (generally refers to the total length exceeding 80b250m), the conveyor belt can be customized according to the necessity, and the casting terminal machine must be used when customizing the conveyor belt.

10. Through the rubber shell insertion force test, the insertion force size can be set according to the wire size, and the defective products can be discharged automatically.

11. The connector shell with the same pin distance can be manufactured by changing the modular design, and the rubber shell with different pin distance can be produced by changing the whole group of rubber shell tissue with the same pin distance value, which is easy to change and improve the work efficiency.

In short, the above are the main advantages of the automatic terminal insertion machine, and it is precisely because of these 11 important advantages that they are favored by wire harness manufacturers, and JMK can also flexibly do the customized production of all kinds of terminal machines, as long as you contact us online and get the relevant demand!

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