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Testing method when purchasing terminal crimping machine.
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When we decide to buy terminal crimping machine, we have to be as meticulous as buying our own car, check the brand and model of the terminal crimping machine. After the terminal crimping machine arrives at the factory, it is necessary to check whether the outer package is damaged, whether the terminal machine is damaged, and so on. If you do not sign for it, you need to install the terminal machine to a specified location after signing. This must be discussed with the terminal machine manufacturer. Whether the package installation, package debugging and so on.

Detection method using fully automatic terminal crimping machine.

First, check whether the products in the previous process are qualified.
1. Check whether the wire stripper can not peel off and peel off the copper wire.
2. Check whether the tangent length is consistent.
Second, the tool is matched with the terminal. After proper adjustment, the following standards should be met.
1. The terminal has no deformation after crimping.
2. there should be a trumpet on the edge of the pressing line of the terminal, which is not allowed to produce bad phenomena such as flying wire, glue pressing and so on.
3. After crimping, the shrapnel remains in its original shape.
4. After crimping, the crimping force and rubber pulling force should conform to the tension standard.
Third, strictly check the crimping quality to ensure the normal operation of the fully automatic terminal crimping machine.

terminal crimping machineterminal crimping machine

Fault detection method of fully automatic terminal crimping machine.

There are many of the most common reasons for different lengths of peeling openings, such as over pressing or loosening of the wire wheel.
The detection method of different length of peeling opening: at this time, you only need to use the roller to adjust the gap between the two wheels so that the wire is not flattened and slipped too loose.

If it is because the cutting knife is too shallow or too deep, then we will use the cutter depth adjustment to adjust the knife edge to the appropriate position, so that the copper wire will not be hurt and the rubber can fall off smoothly.

If the mouth is still different, then directly replace the new cutting blade.

The detection method of uneven copper wire on the pressing terminal: check whether the gun-shaped swing arm conduit is attached to the wire, whether the knife edge of the terminal machine is relatively straight with the swing arm conduit, whether the auxiliary pressing block of the terminal machine is loose, and check whether the distance between the terminal machine and the automaton is changed.

Terminal machine can not start or stop in operation: unable to start or stop in operation, first check whether there is no current input and 6KG air pressure and whether there is wire or some running part stuck; also check whether the terminal machine has signal connection or power connection and lead to the automatic terminal machine without pressure.

The discrepancy in the cutting length of the electron may be due to the wear of the tangent edge or the edge of the blade, or it may be due to the pressure of the wire feeder being too tight or too loose.

The detection method of inconsistent cutting length of electron wire: it is very simple to replace a new cutter when you encounter such a problem.

At this time, we can use the roll wheel trimmer to adjust the gap between the two wheels so that the wire is not flattened and too loose to slip.
In short, the above is the detection method when purchasing a fully automatic terminal machine, using the detection method of the fully automatic terminal machine and the detection method after the failure of the fully automatic terminal machine. You can also refer to "the handling method of the failure of the fully automatic terminal machine" and "the failure and solution of the terminal machine".

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