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How to deal with the alarm of automatic crimping machine?
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Automatic crimping machines have warning function, it is to remind the abnormal operation or mis-operation, which is a necessary measure to protect the machine. The alarm here refers to the failure of the terminal machine, the sound made by the terminal machine self-diagnosis, the error code displayed or the light warning. The following JMK will introduce to you how to deal with the automatic crimping machine alarm.

automatic crimping machineautomatic crimping machine

How to deal with the alarm of automatic crimping machine?

1. Error code alarm.

If there is an error code alarm, directly display the corresponding error code, in fact, this is very easy to solve them, as long as take out the corresponding automatic crimping machine manual, there is usually an error code comparison table, can quickly locate the possible problem.

2. Red light alarm.

Generally, this kind of alarm light will show green, yellow and red three colors, green indicates normal, yellow indicates general fault, red indicates serious fault, may need to stop the line to do fault treatment. For example, whether the motor is out of step or not, the red light of the driver alarm light is a typical serious problem.

3. Sound alarm.

Just like the alarm on the computer motherboard, different signals are replaced by the alternation of sound length and sound, and the error type can also be judged according to different sound combination signals, as well as the code table.

In short, we should be familiar with some basic knowledge, and master the principle of the crimping machine. When the fully automatic terminal alarms are given, the error code table can be used for query and positioning. The problem can be handled smoothly by referring to the "fully automatic crimping machine failure and solution". If still can't solve the problem, please contact the manufacturer in time!

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