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Six Features of The Double end terminal insertion machine
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Double End terminal insertion machine is mainly used in the production of automotive wiring harness and power electricity, terminal crimping and insert housing. Compared with manual crimping and connector insertion joints, it can not only reduce many links in the middle, but also avoid the reduction of production efficiency caused by intermediate pause. So, what are the main characteristics of the double end terminal insertion machine?

automatic terminal insertion machine

Six Features of The Double end terminal insertion machine.

1. Stripping is long and convenient.
It is mainly adjusted by full-screen touch control, so that the peeling length and speed can be changed according to different stripping length.

2. Panel touch adjustment.
The pressing position of the terminal is mainly adjusted by panel touch control, which is more accurate.

terminal insertion machine

3. Servo motor control system.
This fully automatic terminal machine uses servo motor control, which can complete sizing, wire cutting, peeling and other actions, and achieve accurate results.
And it is more simple and convenient in operation.

4. Shorten the time of adjustment and replacement.
It comes with 100 sets of memory functions, which can shorten the adjustment time when replacing wire rod.

terminal insertion machine

5. Stability.
It is controlled by left and right rotating servo motor, which can ensure more stable wire feeding. It is also the greatest help to the smoothness of production.

6. Security.
After Fully consider a variety of safety problems, personnel safety, equipment safety and material safety, especially the control system can detect a lot of abnormal problems and give alarm prompts, which is a great advantage.

The advantages of double end automatic terminal insertion machine are relatively obvious. At present, it is mainly used in the production of air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other equipment. Improvements have been made in the part of wire stripping, which has made obvious changes in shortening the time of wire stripping and shortening the time of wire replacement. Make the improved terminal insertion machine more suitable for market needs and production line production.

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