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How To Adjust Automatic terminal crimping machine? - JMK
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Terminal insertion machine is specially used to do wire harness, after buying fully automatic terminal crimping machine, the first thing to do is to do test. This is different from the normal operation methods and steps. Sometimes before leaving the factory, the engineer has preset the parameters according to the wire harness specifications, so there is no need to debug the machine too much during formal production. However, in most practical cases, the terminal machine needs to be re-debugged to meet the needs of different products, including when the speed and details of speed regulation, the relevant parameters need to be reset, so the operation engineers in the workshop need to have the knowledge and ability to debug the terminal machine.

terminal insertion machine

terminal insertion machine

How To Adjust terminal insertion machine?

Now let the JMK engineer talk about the relevant debugging steps.

1. Debugging of power supply of terminal insertion machine.
Before installation, it is necessary to measure the power cord to see if it meets the requirements, and check the fully automatic terminal insertion machine before it can be formally powered on.

2. Debugging of cutter mold.
Jam the position of the tool die, adjust the screw, make sure the tool die is fixed, and the angle is correct, observe the wire harness gap until satisfied.

3. Wire harness tension debugging.
According to the "automatic Terminal Machine Wire tension comparison Table", the specific operation methods are as follows: first check the wire feeding tension and wire speed required by the corresponding wire harness, adjust according to the correct force value, and check the specific wire harness production after testing. Then fine-tune according to the actual situation. This fine tuning is particularly important, usually according to the tension machine comparison table can be adjusted to the approximate tension range, but precise fine tuning to achieve the best state of wire harness production.

4. Debugging of feeding system.
Feeding system refers to the terminal, to use hexagonal angle to adjust the pressure plate, so that the terminal can easily pass, this process needs to be manually tested to see if there is a card, jumping and other problems, and the distance between the feeding also needs to be adjusted to the fixed screw, after adjustment, the terminal should be exactly to the correct position of the knife mold, each feeding terminal, and crimping, tangent when the right position can be.

5. Static electricity test.
Usually after debugging terminal insertion machine, do anti-static operation, will give the equipment to do electrostatic export, but each adjustment still need to test whether the static electricity is normal.

In general, how to adjust the automatic terminal insertion machine varies according to the specific types of mechanical equipment, but power debugging, knife mold debugging, wire harness tension debugging, feeding system debugging and electrostatic testing are indispensable, we can also see, often according to the automatic terminal machine related documents can adjust the function to basically no problem, but to adjust to the best state, often need to be fine-tuned. But in any case, everyone should abide by the safe operation rules of the automatic terminal insertion machine to ensure the safety of man and machine.

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