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The operation steps of Cable Stripping and Crimping Machine
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Before the automatic cable stripping and crimping machine is put into production, the corresponding operators must undergo unified technical training. Only in this way can we ensure that when using the automatic wire cutting machine, the operator and the automatic wire cutting machine are relatively safe. And only in this way can we reduce the occurrence of safety accidents and ensure the service life of machinery and equipment.

cable stripping machinecable crimping machine

The use of automatic cable stripping and crimping machine is mainly like the following.

1. Power supply.

Turn on the power switch to make sure the light is on, check all related system power is on, press the homing button if system is fully servo controlled.

2. Before the boot operation.

Be sure to check whether there is a different sound before you start the operation, and if so, we must solve it before we can carry out the operation.

3. Install the knife.

It must be done by trained technicians, and this knife loading also involves selecting the size of the tool. Please make sure there is no other people do anything on control panel when the technician is installing the knife, press emergency stop button in case before do any adjustment in crimping machine. Non-professionals are not advised to try it easily.

4. Loading.

When loading, it is necessary to make the terminal pass easily at the cable stripping and crimping machine. If we are not sure that the terminal can pass easily, you must pause and debug until we are satisfied.

5. Check the pulling force.

After the adjustment is completed, find a scrap wire to try it out, so that the tension can be tested. This step is also to ensure that the products produced are good.

Basically, the operation steps and methods of the automatic cable stripping and crimping machine machine are these, it is not difficult to say, it is not easy to say it is simple. The only thing to remember is that you must be careful in the operation and make sure that the operator has some technical training before he can take up the job. In addition, in order to improve the yield of the product, we must do the first confirmation work at the beginning to avoid the possibility of batch production of defective products because of errors.

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