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5 key points for purchasing wire stripping machine - JMK
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When there is a demand for wire stripping machine, it is definitely necessary to buy such equipment to use. There are many sellers of wire stripping machine, how to choose a good quality automatic wire stripping machine?

wire stripping machinewire stripping machine

5 key points for purchasing wire stripping machine.

I. Look at the configuration of wire stripping machine.
The configuration of a automatic wire stripping machine is not good, it must not be much better, most of the time, it is bad because of a screw or burr. Therefore, in this respect must not be saved, the choice of automatic wire stripping machine is best to choose high configuration.

II. The effect of wire stripping and wire cutting.
Check carefully whether the wire of the automatic terminal crimping machine after stripping is very clean, the peeling place is not aligned, the copper wire is not hurt, the skin is scratched, the wire has significant twists and turns and the length is different. There will be an error in the length of stripping and cutting.

III, look at the issue of working speed.
The working speed of the automatic wire stripping machine is another important index. the selection of wire stripping machine should take a fancy to its automation, the faster the speed is, it will bring high benefits, and the wire harness processed by the automatic terminal machine should be qualified products.

IV. looking at stability.
The automatic wire stripping machine has a very high degree of automation, but at the same time, because some manufacturers may have many problems in the coming year or two, they are unstable and cannot pay for the instability. it is necessary to find stable automatic terminal crimping machines produced by reliable and stable terminal machine manufacturers.

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