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Why does the wire of automatic stripping machine run off?
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Automatic stripping machine is the most basic equipment in the process of wire harness processing, the wire run out of the line is the most common situation. In order to troubleshoot the users of the wire stripping machine, this paper makes a simple analysis of the problems such as "line deviation of the wire stripping machine".

Why does the wire run out of automatic stripping machine?

For automatic wire stripping machine, there are two main reasons for the line deviation. One is the centering module, and the other is the wire clamping part.

Centering module determines

The centering module determines the exact position of the wire stripping. If there is a problem with the centering module, resulting in a deviation, it may hurt the wire core on one side and peel the other side incompletely. The thread clamping part, the running deviation part is mainly on the claw. If there are sundries on the claw and the position of the claw is not correct, it will cause the deviation phenomenon of wire stripping. In addition, the screw of the fixing clip is loose, which indirectly leads to the problem of claw clamping, which will also occur.

For the computer wire stripping machine, the deviation phenomenon is mainly related to material plugging, wire harness itself, conduit and wire feeder. 
Blocking materials, causing extrusion, may lead to wire harness deviation; harness itself, harness is not straight, harness quality and other problems, there may also be peeling deviation; the catheter is not straight, the catheter is not centered, the feeding wheel is loose, and other equipment problems caused by the equipment itself or later use, and so on.

automatic stripping machineautomatic stripping machine

Problem of Stripping

In addition, since it is the problem of stripping, it is naturally inseparable from the part of the tool holder. The offset of the tool holder, the wear of the blade, the loosening of the fixed part of the blade and so on will lead to the deviation of the stripped line.

When there is a problem of line deviation, first determine the position of the deviation, according to the situation of the wire deviation, preliminarily judge the possible causes of the deviation, and then conduct investigation, if the deviation still exists, you can change a wire test machine. When the above methods can't solve the deviation problem, we need to contact the stripping machine supplier to help solve the problem.

Before and after the use of the automatic wire stripping terminal machine, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance to prolong the service life and ensure the machining accuracy.

When there is a problem with the product, the product quality will be particularly important, once the customer can't solve it, it may need to stop and wait for after-sales service, leading to problems in the production schedule. JMK is a wire stripping machine factory that pays attention to product quality, with 24-hour after-sales service and 72-hour troubleshooting, wholeheartedly, only for your favor.

Why does the wire of automatic stripping machine run off?

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