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What is Automatic Terminal Insertion Machine? - JMK
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The application of automatic terminal insertion machine

It is widely applied to manufacturers in related fields such as automobile and home appliance manufacturing, which require high-precision wire harness processing and connectors, and has been paid more and more attention by manufacturers.

automatic terminal insertion machine

The feature of automatic terminal insertion machine

1. The automatic terminal machine for wearing rubber shell can choose 8 kinds of color thread to match arbitrarily, the cutting length is 20-600mm, and the special length can be customized.

2. 90 Degree vertical tin dipping, all tin dipping and point dipping, tin dipping evenly; the replacement of tin furnace heating tube is convenient and simple, and the tin dipping furnace can also be taken out directly when it needs cleaning, which is easy to maintain.

3. The tangent peeling machine of automatic terminal piercing rubber shell machine adopts high precision ball screw, and the tangent precision can reach 0.01mm.

Automatic terminal insertion machine

Its biggest advantage: 

4. Full-automatic terminal crimping machine for rubber shell machine, monitoring and monitoring the pressure of the whole process of crimping, alarm of bad crimping, automatic screening and adoption, CCD detection of terminal crimping shape, automatic discharge of defective products.

5. monitoring the insertion and pulling force through the rubber shell, the insertion and pulling force can be set according to the size of the wire, and the defective products can be discharged automatically.

6. The automatic terminal rubber shell mechanism is replaced by modularization, the rubber shell with the same pin distance can be produced simply by adjusting two adjustment blocks, and the rubber shell with different pin distance can be produced by replacing the whole set of rubber shell mechanism, which is easy to replace and improve efficiency.

7. The computer interface is used to automatically detect the drawing force of the terminal, and the analysis report of the drawing force curve of the terminal can be issued; equipped with ultra-high-definition vision system, the product can be displayed, compared and analyzed in real time. When crimping is bad, an alarm will be issued and defective products will be screened automatically. This design greatly saves labor costs, ensures product quality and improves production efficiency.

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