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The advantages of Automatic Crimping Machine - JMK
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What is automatic crimping machine? 

Terminal machine can also be called terminal crimping machine, or terminal pressing machine. With the increasing development of automatic production by enterprises, the fully automatic crimping machine market has occupied most of the market in recent years. Compared with ordinary terminal machine products, fully automatic terminal crimping machine is more favored by consumers. The main reason lies in the scientific and technological content and functional design, the intelligent design of fully automatic terminal machine is more, the performance is more perfect than the traditional terminal machine, and the stability has been greatly improved. The advantages of convenient, fast, labor-free, high accuracy and ultra-mute greatly improve the work efficiency. in modern industrial production, efficiency is the life of the development of the enterprise. in order to promote the better development of the enterprise, we must pay attention to the performance design of the fully automatic crimping machine.

automatic crimping machine

Different between automatic crimping machine and semi-automatic one.

The fully automatic crimping machine can complete the function of wire cutting, peeling both ends of the wire and pressing the terminal at one time.
The fully automatic crimping machine with special points also has the function of dipping tin by pressing one end and turning the other end. 
The semi-automatic terminal crimping machine only has the function of peeling and tapping the terminal, and it also needs manual release and correction.

There are specific differences in the following aspects:

1. It is a terminal crimping machine that integrates one or more servers (mute type). Its operation principle is not the same as that of ordinary terminal machines. It only needs to give a message to the server, which is then transmitted to the motor, and the fully automatic terminal machine can perform an action.

2. The terminal crimping machine is generally called the semi-automatic terminal crimping machine, which is the kind of vertical desktop terminal machine that we often see in the general market. This kind of terminal machine has a pedal-type power-off clutch, because when the terminal machine is running, the motor of the terminal machine operates continuously, and each time you step on the foot, it will give a power-off signal, thus realizing the terminal pressure. This is one of the most common types of terminal machines.

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