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Brief Introduction About Wire Tinning Machine - JMK
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Wire tinning machine is kind of wire processing equipment, which integrates the functions of wire stripping, twisting, tin dipping for wire harness connection. The types of wire tinning machines can be divided into, automatic double-end tinning machine, single-end twisted wire dipping machine, fully automatic double-end dipping machine, automatic single-end dipping machine, automatic double-end dipping machine, automatic double-end dipping machine and so on.

The scope of application of wire tinning machine

1. The production volume is relatively large and there are many specifications. Generally speaking, direct plug-ins are the main ones. A machine can be universal, without adjustment, compared with the wave soldering efficiency is the same, but the cost is greatly reduced, the quality can also be guaranteed.

2. For the manufacturers of instruments and equipment, there are many PCB specifications, but the quantity is very small, manual tin dipping requires a high level of proficiency.
The cost of wave soldering is high, so it is better to choose automatic wire tin soaking equipment.

3. For some large plates, they will be deformed in the process of wire harness tin dipping. We have special fixtures to prevent deformation.

wire tinning machinewire tinning machine

Machining characteristics of tinning machine

1. Exquisite, compact design, excellent conception, small footprint. 

2. Modular design, so that the maintenance of the machine has a great advantage compared with the traditional mechanical type, the operation menu of digital touch screen, any parameters such as wire cutting length, peeling length, twisted wire length, tinning machine depth, tinning machine time and so on can be adjusted on the screen, easy to learn and use, and quickly save time and effort to change processes and materials, which makes up for many problems such as professional master, difficult adjustment, instability and so on. 

3. The depth and times of wire dipping tin can be adjusted on screen to meet all kinds of difficult requirements of tinned wire. The dipping depth is 90 °, the depth is accurate, the thickness is uniform, and the effect of dipping is perfect. 

4. Efficient step-by-step drive, the electroplating treatment of the whole machine accessories is not easy to rust, and the accessories are processed with high precision to ensure the precision of the wire rod. High speed that can process multiple wires at the same time with high efficiency. 

5. A waste suction device is added to ensure that the machine is clean and clean without waste, which avoids the disadvantage of cutting copper wire and is convenient for maintenance. 

6. High configuration, large output and stable performance. 

7. Our company provides one-stop service for training, installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair.

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