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The Three Values of Automatic Terminal Insertion Machine
 2023-02-18  257

Automatic terminal insertion machine is widely used in many industries nowadays, especially the wire harness processing in automobile manufacturing and household appliance production. It integrates all functions such as wire drawing, tangent, peeling, casing and casing insertion, and completes wire harness processing and casing insertion synchronously. Especially the customized double-head plug or equipment with multiple plug moulds can complete the automatic wire harness processing of double-head plug or multi-head plug, but does everyone have a clear understanding of its main value?

Automatic Terminal Insertion Machinewire harness processing

Main Values of Automatic Terminal Insertion Machine

Now, professional wire harness processing equipment manufacturer, JMK would like to list its three main values. 
1. Greatly save labor costs, fully automatic terminal machine has a high degree of automation, can reduce labor costs by more than 50%, full servo and digital display control, set various parameters and specific product parameter formulations when leaving the factory, so you don't need professional technicians to operate the machine. 
2. The cost of raw materials is greatly saved. The optimization software adopts a new foreign algorithm with high optimization rate and fast running speed, and the scheme adopted is very scientific, which reduces the waste of materials. 
3. Greatly save time and cost, the work efficiency of the fully automatic terminal machine is high, can effectively improve the work efficiency of workers, no idle phenomenon, about 3-4 times the manual efficiency.

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