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The Future of Wire Harness Processing Equipment - JMK
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The future of wire harness processing equipment.

Wire harness processing equipment will usher in revolutionary and rapid development, especially from the manufacture of new energy vehicles, more advanced harness processing is needed. With the development of economy, modern labor-intensive industry is a processing industry, but it is also declining gradually. the treatment generated by the old line is to add some auxiliary devices for on-line manual processing, and then in the transmission. It takes a lot of manpower, and it's too late to supply the products. 

Automatic terminal machine makes harness processing more workable.

Then the invention of the terminal insertion machine changed an industry in the future. The terminal insertion machine can press the hardware head to the end of the wire harness and then conduct it mechanically. However, with the progress of science and technology, the ordinary terminal machine can no longer meet the needs of people, and the brand-new fully automatic terminal machine begins to stop the market gradually.

The integration of the fully automatic terminal machine server is a silent terminal machine, its working principle is different from the general terminal insertion machine, only need to give the server a message, this information is sent to the motor, the fully automatic terminal insertion machine connection can form an action.With the enterprise gradually stepping into the automatic production, in recent years, the terminal machine market has been basically occupied by the fully automatic terminal machine, which has won the love of the majority of enterprises because of its high efficiency, freedom and flexibility, high precision and ultra-quiet.

wire harness processing equipment

About JMK Wireh Harness Processing Equipment.

JMK, specializes in the research and development of wire harness robots for 14 years, national high-tech enterprises, invention patents, 4A pens 5A ISO certification enterprises (Industry Certification Standards), production and sales of high-tech enterprises.

In 2004, it formally set up an assembly factory in Chinese mainland and has become a large-scale production base of Chinese mainland fully automatic terminal robot.

JMK combines Japanese, Swiss, American and native wire harness processing robots with a new Chinese concept.

An efficient, high-class and cost-effective wire harness processing robot has been developed in Chinese mainland.

wire harness processing equipment

The industrial chain is divided into four parts:

1. New energy vehicle wire harness processing robot.

2. Smart phone harness (Type-c) whole line processing robot.

3. Intelligent home appliance wire harness processing equipment.

4. AC line processing Automatic pipelined robot.

Both hardware and software have reached the most advanced level in the world. JMK new slogan: new quality, new service, the highest cost performance. Focus on the choice of partners from the starting point of quality!

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