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Advantages of Automatic Terminal Insertion Machine -JMK
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Automatic terminal Insertion machine is well received in the harness market. In such a scene, the hot degree of this kind of terminal machine can be expected. On the basis of previous technology, these terminal insertion machine has made corresponding changes in many aspects, including security, efficiency and so on.Let the improved terminal harness machine better meet the needs of the market and meet the needs of most production conditions. they combine all the functions of wire feeding, cutting, wire stripping, terminal crimping, soldering and connector insert housing into one combo machine. the following introduction is the advantages of the fully automatic terminal insertion machine:

automatic terminal insertion machineautomotive wire harness

Multi-function automatic terminal insertion machine.

1. It covers a small area.
The appearance of the fully automatic terminal machine is relatively exquisite, and the design mainly adopts humanized design, with compactness as the main concept, so it covers a small area.
2. Intelligent touch screen + buttons.
The advantage is that it is easy to operate and easier for beginners to learn.
3. There are many processing programs.
Generally speaking, such a terminal machine can store more than 100 sets of processing programs.
4. Both accuracy and speed are available.
The use of DSP distributed control technology, whether large line or small line feeding, can ensure that there will not be congestion and instability, and the final finished product is still neatly placed.
5. Choose the clamping type to install the blade in precise position.
It not only saves labor costs, but also improves production efficiency more quickly.
6. the fault signal lights are complete.
The advantage is that it is easier to check the bad causes and to make repairs in time.

automatic terminal insertion machinewire crimping tool

The advantages of fully automatic terminal machines are small area, intelligent touch screen + keys, more processing programs, precision and speed, complete fault signal lights, and so on. The benefits of using fully automatic terminal machines are reflected in these places, and these benefits are also areas that need to be improved gradually in the production process, and this kind of terminal machine has just made the desired changes in these aspects. So that the current terminal machine shows better production efficiency and safety properties.

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