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How to reduce the failure rate of wire crimping machine
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Wire crimping is a very commonly used wire harness processing equipment, especially in the home appliance manufacturing industry, it do the most wire harness.The hot summer has come, and the home appliance industry such as air conditioning has entered the peak season. All kinds of home appliance wire harness processing equipment, as automatic wire crimping machine, have started 24-hour non-stop operation at the same time, due to the operation of a long time and heavy workload, the failure rate of the wire crimping machine is improved.In order to ensure that the majority of wire harness equipment manufacturers can complete the production tasks with high quality and quantity, how to reduce the failure rate of terminal machines must be mastered by wire harness manufacturers.

wire crimping machinewire harness

High Speed Automatic Wire Crimping Machine With Seal Station.

Since it was put into the market, the automatic wire crimping machine has opened up a new world for the connection of wire harness processing equipment, which can meet the needs of external continuous connections. in addition, there is also a positioning column on the base, when the guide part on the base cooperates with the plug on the circuit board. the base can be fixed by positioning posts.Ensure the reliability of pin and conductive connections.

terminal crimperseal station

Speed control.

It can control the speed of the servo motor, the positioning accuracy is very high, and the voltage signal can be converted into torque and speed to drive the control object.
The rotor speed of the servo motor is controlled by the input signal and can respond quickly. It can be used as an executive component in the automatic control system. It has the advantages of small electromechanical time constant, high linearity and high starting voltage. Besides accurately completing the terminal crimping work, it can also save manpower and material resources and improve production efficiency.
The connector has the advantages of stable structure and low cost: because the servo control effectively reduces the long-span coordination of various mechanisms in the traditional working process, the running-in of mechanical transmission is reduced and the unstable factors are greatly reduced.

At present, this type of domestic equipment can cut the wire of 7000pcs, the terminal of 11000pcs, the parallel head of 3500pcs, and the single-line crimping joint of 7500pcs per hour. It can automatically detect the quality of the crimping joint and has the above three functions. It is one of the terminals with the highest degree of automation in the domestic market.

wire crimping machine

Actual operation.

Before the actual operation of the automatic wire crimping machine, we must pay attention to the relevant preparatory work in advance.Before use, the equipment must be thoroughly checked to see if the internal parts are loose, to see if the parts are in the original state, to see if the parts of the equipment are in the normal state, and they are mainly supplied from the external power supply, or by the voltage, current or signal of the cable to be transmitted to the surface of the matching connector to produce relevant processing contact.

To have more optimized structure, only in this way can we run more stably and reliably, with or without inspection records.Careful maintenance plan, good maintenance of equipment, regular maintenance is also the key.Pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance in the course of use.Only in this way, can we find the problems and faults of the equipment in time, solve the problems in time, and play a better role.Therefore, this field is also very important and requires people to have a good understanding.

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