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More Easy Operation Of Automatic Wire Crimping Machine
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Automatic wire crimping machine is easy to operate and only needs the staff to lay off the wire row construction, the average output is above 2600 per hour. The production and processing speed of the automatic wire crimping machine and the wire stripping length can be adjusted and controlled by the touch display screen. The maintenance method is simple and convenient, and the general staff can also carry out the maintenance of machinery and equipment. The production and processing of automatic wire crimping machine is high precision and timely, and the length of wire cutting and stripping is accurate. Ensure that the wire will not be hurt, the wire will not be exposed, and the riveting pressure will be firm to prevent the terminal from falling off in time.

automatic wire crimping machine

Large Square Cable Bare Terminal Double End Automatic Wire Crimping Machine

The selection of high-quality machinery and equipment not only makes the enterprise profitable, saves human resources, but also promotes the brand image of the enterprise, and enjoys a good reputation in the manufacturing industry. The automatic wire crimping machine is also known as the automatic stripping and terminal crimping machine, which is the grafting method of feeding and laser cutting, in which the wire delivery frame of the automatic wire crimping machine cooperates with the application of the automatic wire crimping machine. the cable stripping machine wire rack is available with automatic computer stripping machine, and the cable stripping machine wire frame is suitable for wire stripping cable stripping machine.  The main purpose is to send the wire to the cable stripping machine for production and processing, which is more stable and rapid. Therefore, the selection of high-quality automatic wire crimping machine is important for the company to save manpower and increase output.

automatic wire crimping machine

Design Objectives of Automatic Wire Crimping Machine

The operation flow of the automatic wire crimping machine is very simple, because it is automatic and close to the intelligent system, so it saves human capital. The first thing to do is to turn on the power switch of the fully automatic terminal machine of the switching power supply, and the indicator light has just begun to apply it. Be sure to compare the blade of the applicable special tool, in the knife comparison is appropriate, after the knife, be sure to apply manual testing, must hit the intelligent terminal, the inner hexagon wrench to adjust the application of the feeding plate, so that the terminal equipment can be very easily based, in the terminal equipment operator must check whether there is a packing bag, hanging and other poor, every hour a terminal equipment pull test.

automatic wire crimping machineautomatic wire crimping machine

When automatic wire crimping machine is working, if the equipment is abnormal, the power is cut off, and the maintenance personnel are immediately asked to repair and adjust it. In the operation process, the switching power supply of the equipment has been disconnected, and all positions of the finger or human body are prohibited from entering the scope of the punching machine, in order to prevent accidents, the disassembly and replacement of terminal equipment, be sure to disconnect the switching power supply first, and then change the operation, the operation of the disassembly machine is strictly prohibited, in the operation process.  If in the laser knife mold terminal equipment card, be sure to apply scissors or needle to remove, try again.

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