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New Era of Automotive Wire Harness Development
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Automotive wiring harness products will develop in the direction of high voltage, lightweight, standardization, modularization, integration and high speed. Safety, energy saving and environmental protection are the eternal themes of the development of automobile industry. Driven by the rapid growth of the automobile consumer market, China's automobile wire harness industry has formed a huge market with an annual output value of nearly 100 billion RMB, which is constructed by nearly a thousand first-class and second-class automobile wire harness enterprises. Foreign-funded joint venture wire harness enterprises occupy a dominant position in the market, but the overall market concentration of the industry is low, and there is still fierce competition in the market.

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High Speed Automotive Wire Harness Processing Machine

Foreign joint venture wire harness enterprises and domestic independent wire harness enterprises are intertwined to share the different needs of the automobile market. There are nearly a thousand small and medium-sized automobile wiring harness enterprises, although there are a large number of such enterprises, but the equipment level, supporting capacity, and technical level are uneven, and most of them undertake middle-and low-end cars, motorcycle parts wiring harness and a small number of medium-and low-end model harness. Due to the cruel competition environment in the market, they are caught in the trap of "low-price competition". The output value specifications of such enterprises range from millions to tens of millions of yuan.

Automotive Wire Harness Processing

The line between domestic independent wire harness enterprises and foreign joint venture wire harness enterprises is not clear, and the relationship between them is complex and permeates each other. At present, there are more than a thousand steam year harness enterprises supplying automotive mainframe factories in China. In terms of regional distribution, relying on the automotive manufacturing base, they are mainly divided into six major plates: northeast plate, Bohai Rim plate, East China plate, South China plate, middle plate, southwest plate and so on.

automotive wire harness machine

The application of new energy vehicles and the development of automotive intelligent network not only promote the development and technological change of automotive industry, but also bring a new round of technological upgrading to automobile wire harness industry. in the future, automobile wire harness products will develop in the direction of high voltage, lightweight, standardization, modularization and integration.

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Safety, energy saving and environmental protection are the eternal themes of the development of the automotive industry. the technological progress and capability improvement around these fields, new sources, new materials, new processes and new models are not emerging in Zhejiang Province. the development of alternative energy sources such as hydrogen fuel, fuel cells and hybrid power is accelerated, and passenger cars are developing in the direction of flattening, serialization, lightweight, miniaturization, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence and safety.

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From the two dimensions of technology and value chain, the most subversive future development trend of the automobile industry can be summarized as the "new four modernizations", that is, electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing. These four modernizations are a relationship of promoting time, progressing and merging.
Electrification and networking promote intelligence, and sharing is the trend of new life in the future.

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