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What is the double end terminal insertion machine
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Double end insertion machine is a kind of wire harness processing equipment, which will insert wire harness into the rubber connector for facilitate connection. The automatic double end terminal insertion machine has a high degree of automation, can process multi-strand core wire, and can automatically cut, peel, crimp the terminal, and insert the rubber connector. It can be seen that the actual insertion of the rubber connector is only one of the processes.

double end terminal insertion machine

The automatic double end rubber terminal insertion machine is suitable for a variety of rubber shells, can handle the insertion of single-row and double-row rubber shells, and can handle the insertion of rubber shells with 20 holes. Automatic double end terminal insertion machine multi-process combination, crimping, twisting and tinning and other multi-process combination automatic operation. 

double end wire harness processing

It has strong reliability and has the ability to check and sense many parameters such as pressure, voltage, speed and so on. The function of automatic double end terminal insertion machine is only one of the procedures, but it is also the most important step, but the same automatic terminal machine often has many operations such as automatic cutting, terminal crimping, hole alignment, twisting and tinning, etc. A complete wire harness is actually produced through a whole harness assembly line. We can call these fully automatic terminal machines, fully automatic rubber shell terminal machines, wire harness processing automation equipment. 

terminal crimping tool

The automatic double end terminal insertion machine adopts a computer interface to automatically detect the drawing force of the terminal, and can issue a report on the analysis of the drawing force curve of the terminal; equipped with ultra-high-definition vision system, it can realize real-time image display, comparison and analysis of the products. when crimping is bad, it will issue an alarm and automatically screen out defective products. This design greatly saves labor costs, ensures product quality and improves production efficiency. 

CCD camera check

Wire crimping whole process pressure monitoring, crimping bad alarm, and automatic screening, terminal crimping shape CCD detection, defective products automatic discharge. Tangent peeling and semi-peeling use high-precision ball screw combined with servo motor to control tangent accuracy up to 0.01mm. Can choose 8 colors of arbitrary collocation, cutting length 100-1000mm, special length can also be customized.

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