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The Excellent feature of connector insertion machine - JMK
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Connector insertion machine is widely used in the daily production and processing of wire harness connector enterprises, specially for automotive wire industry. Connector insertion machine can do all works include automatic wire pulling, stripping, terminal crimping, both ends through connector insertion, also it can be customized with function of cable twisting, tin dipping and other protect pipe insertion, connector insertion machines is very important wire harness processing equipment.

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Fully Automatic Double End Harness Connector Insertion Machine

Because of its powerful function and wide application, mastering its characteristics is very important for future wire harness production. Let's  EsunQ-JMK, a professional wire harness processing equipment manufacturer, to list the excellent features of this connector insertion machine.

The main features of connector insertion machine

Automatic connector insertion machine is controlled by programmable controller, the parameters of touch screen are set, the adjustment time is short, and the operation is simple. it can be equipped with standard fine moulds, horizontal moulds and straight moulds, and the replacement of molds is convenient and quick. Cut the wire, peel the wire, insert the harness into connector, etc. Excellent operation, high efficiency and stable function

double end connector insertion machine

The automatic connector insertion machine can instantly replace the circuit and scale according to the special functions of electronic circuit, silicone wire, polytetrafluoroethylene wire, glass woven cotton, isolation wire, casing and so on, such as automatic cutting, peeling, semi-peeling, central multi-section peeling, multi-layer peeling, strand drift and so on. It adopts high-tech frequency conversion technology and accurate electronic positioning. When crimping, the working noise of the motor is lower than that of the traditional terminal, which saves electric energy, adjusts the mold more conveniently and quickly, and avoids common faults such as traditional terminal clutch, electromagnet and so on.

double end cable harness

The wire stripping action of the automatic connector insertion machine is driven by the cylinder, which has the advantages of fast action speed and accurate positioning. The waste after stripping is vacuum suction, which is clean, convenient and simple. Connector insertion machine adopts gear deceleration transmission with high pressure precision. With regard to the operation of amateurs and proficient hands, the fully automatic double-ended connector insertion machine can change the overall speed through the operation panel to get used to the proficiency of the operator.

customized connector insertion machine

At Last, the automatic connector insertion machine selects the new wiring method and processing technology, the modular and bus type fast connector for the in-disk wiring, and the multi-scale unit combination type for the installation board of the control cabinet. Compared with these new production techniques and traditional equipment assembly and technical wiring, the products produced are stable, beautiful, convenient, environmentally friendly, data-saving, time-saving, flexible and easy to protect.

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