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Wire harness processing machine is very important cable harness processing equipment, and widely used in home appliance, automobile and new energy industry. With the development of economy and the progress of the times, with the continuous increase of wire supply and demand in electrical appliances and new energy vehicles, intelligent and integrated wire processing equipment such as fully automatic terminal machine, fully automatic wire cutting machine, fully automatic tinning machine, etc. it is widely used in wire harness processing industry. 

wire harness processing machineterminal insertion machinewire crimping machine

JMK factory, centering on customer demand, focus on wire harness processing machine, serves our customers better through professional technology and continuous innovation. At present, there are more than 50 workers and more than 4,000 square meters of plant area. Advanced equipment and technology are constantly introduced, and more than 30 models are independently developed, produced and reformed. The products are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, lighting, wire processing of new energy equipment and so on.

automotive cable harness

JMK Automatic Wire Harness Processing Machine Includes.

Fully automatic terminal machine series:

It is a kind of machine used in wire processing, also known as automatic wire stripping, crimping machine and insert housing machine, which is a multi-function machine integrating feeding, cutting, wire stripping and pressing end, humanized and intelligent high-end technology products. According to its different functions, it can be divided into: full-automatic terminal machine, semi-automatic terminal machine, single-end crimping terminal machine, single-end twisted wire soldering terminal machine, fully automatic double-end terminal insertion machine, fully automatic parallel terminal machine, stripping terminal machine, super quiet terminal machine, etc. 

terminal crimping machine

Fully automatic tinning machine series:

A kind of wire processing equipment, which integrates the functions of automatic wire feeding, wire stripping, twisting, tin dipping, etc., and accomplishes all kinds of actions at one time. The wire cut of the automatic tin dipping machine is smooth, and the tin dipping is uniform. Easy to insert circuit boards. According to different production needs, automatic tinning machine can be divided into: automatic double-end tinning machine, single-end twisted wire dipping machine, automatic parallel-end tinning machine, automatic single-end tinning machine, automatic double-head tinning machine, etc.

Automatic wire cutting and stripping machine

Automatic wire cutting and stripping machine series:

High-performance models developed for wire materials such as electronic wire, silicone wire, Tiffron wire, glass fiber wire, isolation wire, coaxial wire, casing, etc., which can complete the functions of automatic wire cutting, peeling, semi-peeling, intermediate peeling and so on at the same time. Series products include automatic wire cutting machine, computer wire cutting machine, wire stripping machine, coaxial wire recorder, pipe cutting machine, etc.

wire stripping machine

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