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How To Choose Configuration Of Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine
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Automatic terminal crimping machine is a very sophisticated automatic wire harness processing equipment, so its configuration and stability are very important. However, it is not the more expensive accessories the better, but to determine the configuration of the equipment with reference to the function, mode of operation and efficiency of the machine.

automatic terminal crimping machineautomotive wire harness

High Speed Double End Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

Select the touch screen touch mode adjustment.

Including: cable length, opening length, half stripping length, twisted wire tight loose, twisted wire length tinned length and so on. The fully automatic terminal crimping machine has the function of adding tin automatically, continuously keeping the tin level consistent, there is tin surface air oxidation film removal equipment, and 90 °vertical tin is selected in the tin contact mode to ensure that the wire core is evenly stained with tin and the tin length is accurate.

The processing speed and wire stripping length of the automatic terminal crimping machine can be adjusted and controlled by the touch screen. The machining is high precision and timely, and the length of wire cutting and stripping is accurate. Ensure that the wire will not be hurt, the line will not be exposed, and the riveting pressure will be firm to avoid the terminal falling in time. The automatic terminal crimping machine can press one end of two wires on the same terminal, the other end of the single wire can be pressed at one end, and the other end can be half-peeled or fully stripped.

cable crimper

The automatic terminal crimping machine twisting mode selects the claw rotation mode.

Uses the motor to promote the rotation, and can adjust the rotation speed to change the tightness and looseness of the twisted wire, so as to make the twisted wire straight and good-looking. The tin-dipping angle of view is close to 90 °, which makes the cable wire diameter tin-dimmed accurately; the fully automatic terminal crimping machine can be equipped with terminal crimping machine horizontal mold, straight mold and single-grain mold, which can be quickly removed and replaced, and it is relatively simple to disassemble and replace. One equipment can be equipped with a variety of abrasives, processing a variety of vehicle wire harness and a variety of terminals, and it is widely used.

wire twist devicestripping blade

The automatic terminal crimping machine adopts the imported servo motor driver.

The pressure control of the socket terminal is accurate, which truly achieves the actual effect of smooth, accurate, high speed and low noise. The screw of the uniform guide extruder is a well-known imported brand with stable quality, low noise and real automatic operation, which can be grasped by simple training. Each working position of the automatic terminal crimping machine can be operated independently and has a wide range of applications. it can complete the two-end pressing terminal, the single-terminal tin on the single-end pressing terminal, the two-end piercing and the single-end pressing terminal piercing the shell. The automatic terminal crimping machine is equipped with a variety of testing equipment, which can immediately distinguish and alarm all kinds of abnormal phenomena. 

terminal crimping applicatorwire stripping device

What is explained above is that the fully automatic terminal crimping machine chooses the configuration. Hope it will be helpful to reader after reading it. If you want to know more about the fully automatic terminal crimping machine, welcome to consult the customer service online or call our service hotline (JMK). We will try our best to provide you with quality service.

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