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Very Important At Maintenance of Terminal Insertion Machine
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terminal insertion machine

The maintenance of the terminal insertion machine is very important. According to the requirements of the maintenance technology, the maintenance of the terminal machine is divided into two types, namely daily maintenance and secondary maintenance.

The technical requirements of daily maintenance are simpler than secondary maintenance, so such maintenance operations are usually completed by operators themselves, and because secondary maintenance has higher technical requirements, so it is mainly carried out by professional maintenance personnel.

terminal insertion machine

The following JMK will briefly introduce the daily maintenance methods of the terminal insertion machine.

1. The lubrication of the stamping guide rail of the terminal insertion machine is the key item of daily maintenance. in general, the maintenance of this link needs to be carried out every one to two hours, and two to three drops of oil should be dropped into the oil hole at the top of the guide rail during lubrication. The oil should not drop too little, because it will not achieve the ideal lubrication effect, and dripping too much will be wasteful.

2. The cleaning of the terminal machine must also be carried out every day. The operator of the terminal machine should clean it immediately after using the terminal machine every day and wipe off all the dust and impurities on the machine.

3. The bearings of the terminal insertion machine are also lubricated once a week. The bearing directly determines the working speed of the terminal insertion machine, and we must lubricate it effectively according to the standard process. First of all, we have to remove the back cover of the machine, then remove the internal driven pulley clip spring, and then remove the pulley (Be careful not to let the bearing balls fall), and after removing all the hindrance elements, the technician can apply butter.

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