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Is the terminal crimping machine out of date? - JMK
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Terminal crimping machine is a kind of equipment for crimping wires and terminals, which is widely used to replace the procedure like welding by wire harness. Before the Covid 2019, there were many manufacturers producing terminal crimping machines on the market, but then suddenly there were many fewer and fewer semi-automatic terminal machines. Is it possible that terminal crimping machines are out of date?

terminal crimping machine

High Speed Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

Of course not, but the old-fashioned semi-automatic equipment increasingly does not meet the market demand, and many manufacturers have pursued the production of the number of equipment and ignored technology research and development, so they have failed to keep up with the development of the times. With the rapid development of electronics, electrical appliances, communications and other industries, the market demand for fully automatic terminal crimping machine is increasing, so factories focusing on terminal machine technology upgrading and fully automatic equipment are developing rapidly, such as us, Shenzhen JMK.

wire harness processing

Wire Harness Assembly Processing

Why is the automatic terminal crimping machine developing so rapidly?

Wire harness demand upgrade:

By the continuous improvement of consumer requirements for the performance, quality and reliability of electronic products, the wire harness processing demand of electronic products is also upgrading, and the application of fully automatic terminal machines will be more extensive.

Improvement of automation:

With the development of industrial 4.0 and Internet of things technology, the demand of automatic production line is increasing. As an important part of automatic production line, the market demand of fully automatic terminal machine will continue to expand.

Market expansion:

Follow with the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and technological progress, the demand for fully automatic terminal machines is gradually increasing, and the market space is constantly expanding. Fully automatic terminal crimping machines have been widely used in the global market. With the economic development and industrial upgrading of countries and regions, the market demand for fully automatic terminal machines will continue to increase.

What will be the development trend of automatic terminal crimping machine?

Intelligent trend:

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, automatic terminal crimping machine will gradually develop in the direction of intelligence, through intelligent technology to improve production efficiency and accuracy.

High-speed trend:

The development of the electronics industry, the production efficiency of fully automatic terminal machines is required to be higher and higher, and high-speed will become one of the development trends of fully automatic terminal machines.

Multi-functional trend:

Fully automatic terminal crimping machine will gradually develop in the direction of multi-function, by increasing the function of terminal machine to meet the needs of different customers.

So it is not that the terminal crimping machine is out of date, on the contrary, its technology has become more intelligent and advanced; the reason why people pay less attention is that its functions are gradually integrated into the more advanced wire harness processing equipment and become part of the intelligent wire harness processing center. The editor of EsunQ introduces some new models of EsunQ after the terminal crimping machine is integrated into the wire harness processing equipment.

JM-601A Automatic Single Terminal Crimping and Connector Insertion Machine

JM-601A, Automatic Single Terminal Crimping and Connector Insertion Machine integrates the functions of wire cutting and peeling, tin dipping, crimping and connector insertion. It has the advantages of simple operation, convenient product switching, complete functions, high efficiency and speed, and is very suitable for the insertion of some simple but demanding wire harness terminals. The terminal insertion station is equipped with an automatic vibration feeder, which really achieves the fully unmanned wire harness processing process.

automatic single terminal crimping machine

JM-600 Automatic Double-ends Terminal Crimping and Connector Insertion Machine

Fully automatic, multi-functional, using precision servo motor PLC control, Japanese THK guideway, SMC pneumatic original (upgraded version for industrial control PC control, OTP mold, adding multiple servo modules). This machine is equipped with Japanese cable pressure detection system, 2 lines-10 kinds of line color selection, wire selection between 30mm / m 2m for on-line conversion. Function: fixed length cutting of wire, peeling at both ends, pressing at both ends (with crimping cutting belt structure), automatic setting of pressing height, insertion of terminals at both ends (automatic setting of insertion position), supply of glue seat, selection of good or not discharge, 2-10 color wire selection.

automatic double ends connector insertion machine

wire harness

JM-800 Automatic Combo Terminal Crimping and Connector Insertion Machine.

JM-800 is a combo multi terminals wire insertion machine, which independently developed by EsunQ for the automotive field. It can crimp 12 different terminals and thread 6 waterproof plugs, support a variety of different plastic case insertion and 18~28# line number production. It adopts a multi-station open platform, precision servo drive mechanism. The JM-800 is certainly a fine machine with great precision and processing ability.

Automatic combo function wire harness processing center

Automobile Wire Harness Processing Equipment

automobile wire harness

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