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Three main problems of terminal crimping machine - JMK
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Terminal Crimping Machine have many different type, but no matter which type can not avoid occasional failures, For example, the multi-core wire automatic terminal crimping machine we mentioned earlier is very likely to have a small core wire abnormal alarm. So what is the usual cause of this kind of problem, and how should we deal with it?

Three main problems of terminal crimping machine

1. Multi-strand core wires vary in length.

Because it is a multi-strand core wire to work synchronously, and if the length of one or more core wires is different, the finished product line will be bad, so once there are multiple core wires of different length, the terminal machine will usually give an alarm signal. In this case, we should stop and debug, let the multi-core wire synchronize the feeding speed, and do the zero position treatment. The fault with different length of multi-strand core wire can be divided into two cases: different length of thread head and different length of thread tail. We need to check more places, feed wheel, straightener, conduit, clip and knife edge and other places to make careful inspection and adjustment.

2. The length of core wire does not conform to the preset.

In addition to the problem of different length, the inconsistency between the length of the core wire and the preset is also a common problem, which is also an important reason for the direct defect of the product, which is usually due to the direct clearance and diameter of the multi-strand core wire feeder. There is a problem with the straightener and so on.

terminal crimping machineterminal crimping machine

Abnormal delivery line.

If it is a single-strand or multi-strand small core wire abnormal alarm, it is usually the wrong shooting probe, optical fiber detection sensitivity or small core wire has not been sent to the clamp side, these places need to be checked and adjusted one by one.

In short word, the abnormal small core wire of the terminal crimping machine usually refers to the related problems of the multi-core fully automatic terminal crimping machine. the common faults are that the length of the multi-core wire varies, the length of the core wire does not conform to the preset and the feeding line is abnormal. No matter which kind of problems may be caused by a variety of factors, more complex, if it is a novice can not be properly handled, finally consult the terminal machine manufacturer engineer.
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