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The matters be noticed when using Auto crimping machine.
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What matters should be paid attention to when using a fully auto crimping machine?

For auto crimping machine this kind of equipment, familiar people are naturally familiar, unfamiliar people also need to know more, then the following EsunQ Mechatronics will take an inventory of the points for attention in the use of the fully auto crimping machine, hoping to give you some help.

auto crimping machineauto crimping machine

Double Check Before Starting Auto Crimping Machine

1. The current of 220 volts and some compressed air is commonly used, so the corresponding power switch and air pressure switch must be turned on before turning on the machine.

2. The power cord should be connected to a ground connection; otherwise, static electricity will harm the staff.

3. Lubricate with lubricating oil before starting. Then check to tighten the loose screws and corresponding equipment, and then release the moisture in the air path.

4. The pressure can be adjusted: the excessive pressure of the terminal machine may hurt the terminal of the wire. If the pressure is too low, the terminal will slip off the conductor of the wire. Adjustment method: loosen the three screws in front of the slider, slide the adjustment screw at the head of the slider clockwise, you can increase the pressure, and then lock the three screws in front of the slider, on the contrary, it will reduce the pressure.

Never use a machine with problems.

5. If find that after the terminal machine wire moves to a position, the holding position of each wire is unstable, then it means that the transmission speed of the crawler of the terminal machine is too fast, and the transmission speed of the crawler can be reduced. The method is to loosen the locking nut of the speed valve on the cylinder, rotate the speed regulating valve stem clockwise, reduce the speed, and turn the speed counterclockwise to increase the speed, and lock the nut when the speed is adjusted properly.

6. If find that after the wires have moved to one position, they are all left or right, then you should loosen the three screws on the main sprocket and make changes. The method of modification is to reverse link the trachea of the cylinder that pushes the track, open the air source, pull the track so that the plastic grooves of the wire card are placed in the middle of the riveter, remove the gap between the ratchet and the pawl of the push track, and then fix the three screws and adjust the direction of the trachea to achieve the purpose of adjustment.

7. The automatic function must be turned off before adjusting the maintenance to prevent damage to the machine or to the staff. If the automatic switch is not off, and then mistakenly step on the pedal switch to let the machine start, the consequences are unimaginable.

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