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What is relationship between crimping machine and terminal?
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Terminal Crimping Machine in Connector Industry

Only by mastering the operation of the life of the terminal crimping industry, the manufacturers of various terminal industries can get a huge flash in the wave of connectors, especially with the arrival of the 21st century, the industries of various countries have also entered a period of rapid development, especially in Asia. The tension of development is strong, and the connector industry is beginning to enter a mature period all over the world.

Function Of Automatic Crimping Machine

Automatic crimping machine is to crimp terminal continuously, which is used to facilitate the connection of the conductor. it is actually a piece of metal sealed in insulating plastic, with holes at both ends that can be inserted into the wire, and there are screws for fastening or loosening, such as two wires, sometimes they need to be connected, sometimes they need to be disconnected, then they can be connected with terminals and can be disconnected at any time. They do not have to be welded or wound together, which is very convenient and quick. And suitable for a large number of wire interconnection, in the power industry, there are special terminal strips, terminal boxes, all above are terminals, single-layer, double-layer, current, voltage, ordinary, breakable and so on. A certain crimping area is to ensure reliable contact and adequate current.

The continuous terminal uses the existing rail continuous terminal connection technology and adds a circuit composed of electronic components to realize the transmission coupling of the photoelectric process.

crimping machinecrimping machine

The potential development of crimping machine in connector industry

The life of the terminal industry lies in the rapid development of the connector industry. The development of the terminal industry mainly depends on the economic development of a country or region, the attention of the government and its own necessary terminal potential resources. The development of the terminal industry is different in different regions. The rapid development in the second industrial revolution and the third industrial revolution has promoted the development of the connector industry, and the requirements for terminal machine manufacturers have also been raised accordingly.

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