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The increasingly popular insert housing wire harness machine
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Insert housing module is the latest function in wire harness machine, which can insert wire harness into the plastic connector to complete the final assembly. When the wire harness machine is equipped with this connector insert housing function, the whole machine can automatically complete wire feeding, cutting, stripping, terminal crimping and connector assembly, and can also combine special tasks such as tinning, wearing waterproof seals and insert numbering tubes. And CCD visual inspection can be added to complete the final harness quality monitoring, so the insert housing wire harness machine is becoming more and more popular.

insert housing wire harness machine

complete wire harness assembly

Automatic Connector Insert Housing Wire Harness Machine

The basic functional composition of the insert housing wire harness machine.

The automatic plastic connector insert housing wire harness machine adopts advanced full servo technology to carry out precise control of each station, equipped with high-precision control module and transmission mechanism, so that the peeling and terminal can be completed at one time, and has the characteristics of low noise, low power consumption and high speed. for ultra-fine wire, multi-core shielded wire has a remarkable effect. Moreover, when inserting the harness into connector, the machine has the advantages of fast action speed, accurate positioning, and is equipped with optional pull-back detection function, so it can ensure that the whole wire harness is good and eliminate bad products.

automatic insert housing wire harness machine

automatic insert housing wire harness machine

The advantages of insert housing wire harness machine are due to its efficiency and perfect design.

The blade of the automatic plastic connector insert housing wire harness machine is simple and quick to disassemble and assemble, which can be directly stuck in and can be completed within 2 minutes, while the traditional disassembly and installation of the blade can be completed in 30 minutes. It adopts all-electric control structure, which has stable performance and breaks the instability controlled by traditional pneumatic devices. The appearance of the machinery and equipment is high-end atmosphere, and the overall structure is durable.

Automatic plastic connector insert housing machine is adjusted by touch screen, including wire length, opening length, semi-stripping length, twisted wire tightness, twisted wire length, tinned length and so on. It adopts computer automatic detection, such as low air pressure, abnormal motor, abnormal belt, etc., it can stop automatically when it is abnormal, and the detection will show the cause of the fault, so it can remove the fault conveniently and quickly.

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