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Why use CCD on wire harness processing equipment - JMK
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CCD camera detection is not a new thing, it is widely used in various industries, not only effectively improve the efficiency of quality control, but also reduce labor costs. Because the high performance-to-price precision dual-lens CCD detector can achieve the observation and detection function of the precision projector, and different products can be tested by changing fixtures, therefore, the versatility is very strong for product appearance inspection. So, why do we use CCD on wire harness processing equipment?

CCD camera

CCD camera check

CCD Camera Check Detection

The necessity of CCD camera detection in wire Harness Inspection.

The wire harness is claimed to be the neural line in the circuit connection, whether it is all kinds of electrical manufacturing or vehicles such as vehicles and airplanes, it will need various types of wire harness that are well connected, stable and safe, especially for vehicles, once the wire harness is accidentally disconnected, it may cause a serious accident. Therefore, in modern industrial manufacturing, the demand for wire harness processing is very high; in the past, wire harness inspection requires manual inspection, which not only consumes a lot of manpower and is inefficient, but also because of the large number, it is difficult for human detection to do everything, and omissions and errors often occur, because CCD image detection with automatic detection function has great advantages.

wire harness processing machine

Wire Harness Processing Machine

automobile wire harness

Automobile Wire Harness Assembly

How does CCD camera detection work in on-line wire harness processing?

During wire harness processing, it is necessary to protect the wire from accidental damage during processing, and to ensure a good crimping effect when crimping terminals. Therefore, the harness inspection basically focuses on the wire cross section and crimping effect (whether crimping is firmly or not), that is, checking whether the wire is damaged during cutting and stripping, or whether the terminal crimping is not firmly pressed and out of alignment; if it is tested manually, it is inefficient and requires good eyesight and patience.

And CCD image detection can shoot and compare each harness during harness processing, compare pictures (qualified products) in the background, and determine whether the harness is qualified within the range. If the harness processing is unqualified (there is a big difference with the comparison picture), that is, intelligent feedback to the background to kick out the defective products. In this way, not only the wire harness can be detected perfectly, and the bad products can be discharged, but also if there are too many bad products in the cycle, the wire harness processing equipment can be called off and the operator can troubleshoot.

wire harness processing machine

Great significance of CCD camera Detection to Harness processing equipment.

To sum up, CCD camera detection is of great significance to harness processing, so it is of great significance to add CCD system to harness processing equipment.
Not only improve efficiency and save labor as mentioned above, but also it has an epoch-making role for the entire wire harness processing industry, especially in now the new energy automobile industry.

There are dozens of different types of wire harness in a new energy vehicle, all of which have a total length of nearly 3000 meters. If you rely on manual testing, you can imagine how much human resources are needed to support the whole wire harness industry without CCD testing, and there is no security. In the event of a production accident, such as poor wiring harness, it will have a disastrous impact on the whole related manufacturing industry. Therefore, CCD camera detection is of great significance in other industries, and it is also indispensable to the wire harness processing industry.

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