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JMK Intelligence obtains the ISO9001 quality certification.
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JMK Intelligence obtains the ISO9001 quality management system certification, it once again proves the manufacturing and service ability of JMK Intelligence. ISO9001 quality management system: it is a quality management system standard formulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is mainly aimed at the quality of products and services of enterprises, and it is also a pass for countries to evaluate and supervise the quality of products and enterprises. so far, it has become the most mature quality framework in the world, known as "the pass to the international market".

ISO certificate of Shenzhen JMK

JMK Intelligence obtains the ISO9001 quality management system certificate

On September 8th, Shenzhen JMK Electromechanical Co., Ltd. was awarded the ISO9001 quality Management system Certification Certificate certified by CNAS authority, which indicates that JMK intelligent product quality system and the integration ability of various management systems of the enterprise have reached the international standards and provide a more powerful guarantee for further improving customer service and product quality.

The ISO9001 quality management system certification of JMK Intelligence covers the research and development, production and sales services of wire harness automation machinery and equipment and its accessories and is a full affirmation of the existing management system and service quality of JMK Intelligence. Through the continuous operation of the quality management system, the company will constantly improve the level of quality management, comprehensively speed up the company's business growth and service guarantee, and make every effort to promote the company's standardized, standardized and scientific high-quality development!

wire harness processing machinewire harness processing machine

Automobile wire harness

Automatic Wire Harness Processing Equipment

For a long time, JMK Intelligence has firmly grasped the primary task of high-quality development, adhering to the spirit of improving craftsmen, "seeking development" and "breakthrough" abroad, vigorously expanding market business at home and abroad, and "strengthening management and improving quality and efficiency" at home. Through standardized management system and other forms to continuously strengthen personnel training, enhance the ability of independent innovation, and make continuous breakthroughs in enterprise qualifications.

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In the future, JMK Intelligence will continue to strictly follow the requirements of system certification, strengthen technical research and development, talent management, quality control, safe production, target assessment and other work, anchor high-quality development goals, do solid work, and win with quality. we will earnestly promote the "speed and increment" of market business expansion, improve the quality and efficiency of enterprise management, and strive to achieve new results in the development of high-quality standardization.

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