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The Newest Automatic Wire Crimping Machine - JMK
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The Features of JM-555 Automatic Wire Crimping Machine
JM-555 has a modular design, so it can be customized or add different functions according to the actual needs of customers, without having to equip other machines separately. In order to adapt to the larger market demand, it has been continuously improved at the time of research and development for many years, so it fully has the corresponding independent system, and can be added and deleted according to the requirements. In this way, it can not only achieve comprehensive functions, but also meet customized requirements, then improve production efficiency and save users' cost of purchasing machines at the same time.

automatic wire crimping machine

What Does The Automatic Wire Crimping Machine Do?
The working flow of the automatic wire crimping machine is to pull, tangent and peel the wire according to the set length, and then crimp the terminal, and then add the terminal plug function at the back end, so that the whole process of synchronous processing of the wire harness can be completed. It adopts fully digital and servo control, cooperate with automatic detection system to complete fully automatic wire harness processing, and avoid poor crimping caused by different levels of manual technology and processing speed.

Application of JM-555 Machine
At present, the main application of JM-555 is in the field of wire harness processing in the automobile industry, because the processing standard of the automobile wire harness is higher, the connection in front of the wire should be firm and there can be no signal interference, and the high precision crimping process of JM-555 is suitable for the wire harness processing of the automobile industry, which is equipped with automatic crimping pressure detection and CCD visual monitoring system.

Automatic Wire Crimping Machine

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