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Fully understanding of automatic harness insertion machine
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Automatic harness insertion machine is a kind of wire harness processing machine, which has the characteristics of simple operation and wide application. In addition to the functions of other traditional automatic terminal machines, such as wire cutting and stripping, crimping terminal and so on, the design of its modeling block can also add a more comprehensive set of wire harness processing functions, such as soldering, seals insertion, plug-in connector and so on. Therefore, it is more and more selected and used by more and more wire harness processing enterprises at the present, especially in the new energy automobile industry with higher wire harness requirements.

automatic harness insertion machineautomatic harness insertion machine

Automatic Double-ends Harness Insertion Machine

automatic wire harness assembly processing

automatic wire harness assembly processing

The functional characteristics of the automatic harness insertion machine.

Can process up to 2-8 kinds of wires, automatic harness insertion machine can cut wire, strip the ends, double-end crimping terminal, double-end rubber shell and other functions, cutting length of about 100-1000mm, special length can also be customized. 

It can handle the insertion of single-row and double-row plastic connector and can cope with the insertion of 20-hole plastic shell. High-precision ball screw with servo motor to control tangent degumming and semi-peeling, its tangent accuracy can reach 0.01mm. 

CCD camera checkCCD Camera check

CCD Camera Check

It can be realized without inserting the end of the plastic box: other processes such as pulling sheath, crimping, twisted wire tin and so on. Wire terminal crimping whole process pressure monitoring, crimping bad alarm, automatic screening, terminal crimping, CCD testing, defective products automatically. 

Products are equipped with CCD visual management and stress management to improve product reliability. 
The insertion force can be adjusted according to the size of the wire rod, and the defective products can be discharged automatically. 

CFM crimping force monitorCFM crimping force monitor

CFM crimping force monitor

The fully automatic harness insertion machine adopts the computer operation interface to detect the drawing force of the terminal automatically and can issue the analysis report of the drawing force curve of the terminal; equipped with high-definition vision system, it can realize the real-time image display of the product. automatic verification of contrast and crimping defective products. This design can greatly save manpower cost, ensure product quality and improve production efficiency.

The cause of the non-cutting of the fully automatic harness insertion machine.

Everything is difficult at the beginning, and so is the machine. Often the first function of the equipment is the core of the whole action design. For example, although the function of the harness machine is comprehensive and powerful, its tangent cutting will usually become the most critical step to determine the processing quality of the harness. Now many machine manufacturers are pursuing more powerful functions of machines, but the comprehensive purpose of EsunQ is that details determine success or failure. The most basic functional coordination is the key to determine whether the whole set of wiring harness equipment is qualified or not.

1. Whether it is a setting problem. 

If it is a fully automatic harness insertion machine with cutting function, but without cutting material, it cannot continue to work normally at all, this is a serious problem; first check whether it is a setting problem, follow the detection principle of "soft first and then hard". You may need to refer to the fully automatic terminal machine operation specification tutorial or specific instructions. 

2. External malfunction. 

The non-cutting problem caused by the failure of the automatic harness insertion machine itself, such as insufficient air supply to the air compressor, may lead to weak cutting, or even unable to cut.  It is necessary to check the gas supply capacity of the air compressor. The number of air compressors used by the automatic terminal needs to be calculated. Not only that, but also need to be familiar with more automatic wiring terminal requirements for air compressors. 

3. The fault of the machine itself. 

Check the hardware failure of the fully automatic harness insertion machine itself. Usually rely directly on the engineer's experience and check the maintenance history to solve the problem, which is a relatively fast solution.

cutting bladecrimping applicatorseal station

Key accessories of terminal crimping

Maintenance of the automatic harness insertion machine.

1. The terminal mold, rubber shell fixture and other equipment on the equipment must be accurate and firm. The gap between the mold and the machine fixture is reasonable, keep the mold movement track smooth, and butter it regularly.

2. It is forbidden to overload the equipment. In order to catch up with the production schedule, set the running speed, generally do not exceed the recommended value.

3. The terminal die has no empty machine to run. When there is a shortage of cable materials, the equipment will shut down actively. When the wire is not installed in place, the pressure function is not easy to turn on.

4. Mechanical equipment running smooth points, module screws and other conflicting parts should be refueled regularly, not less than 2 times a month.

5. Always check whether all parts of the equipment are working properly and whether all links and fasteners are loose. If it is loose, tighten it in time. If the machinery and tools are worn, the worn parts need to be removed and replaced in time.

6. when encounter equipment problems that cannot be dealt with in the daily use of the equipment, we cannot start the operation forcefully, and the equipment supplier should be notified to help deal with it.

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