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Important knowledge of automatic harness crimping machine
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Automatic harness crimping machine can cut the cable with fived length, strip the ends and crimped with the termina, automatically process the whole harness. Wire harness is a very important power and signal connection in electrical appliance and automobile manufacturing, and batch manufacturing and quality assurance are very critical in these industries, so automatic harness crimping machine is widely used in home appliance harness and automobile wire harness processing industry. Automatic harness crimping machine is equipped with crimping force monitor CFM and CCD camera check, which can effectively replace manual work to do wire harness quality inspection and improve efficiency exponentially.

High speed automatic harness crimping machine

High Speed Automatic Harness Crimping Machine

The characteristics of automatic harness crimping machine.

1. International personalized design, the overall structure is solid and generous.

2. The use of industrial control computer operating system, the operation interface is simple and reasonable, can quickly grasp the operation of the machine. All parameters can be easily set and stored. The operation instructions are intuitive and simple. 

3. Using real-time network bus system, high control precision, fast response, good stability and simple wiring. 

Bastic fitting of automatic crimping machine

Bastic fittings of automatic terminal crimping machine

4. Automatic harness crimping machine adopts a series of motors with high crimping precision and strong stability.

5. Automatically adjust the crimping height of the die to fully realize automatic operation. 

6. The full closed loop wire feeding system and synchronous belt feeding device are adopted to ensure no damage to the wire surface and improve the wire feeding accuracy. 

terminal crimping with seal station

Terminal crimping with seal station

7. Data management and storage optional QR code gun and QR code printer. 

8. Unqualified products can be removed and recycled directly.

waterproof seal stationterminal crimping applicator

Seal station and crimping applicator

Matters needing attention in operating automatic harness crimping machine.

The matters that must be followed in the installation, operation, inspection and adjustment of the automatic harness crimping machine, please note:

1. The power supply must be reliably grounded. In addition, in the event of electrical failure, the injury to the operator such as electric shock can be avoided, and the loss can be reduced to a minimum. 

2. For safety reasons, when installing the chassis cover, it is not allowed to start the device without reliable locking or removal. When the chassis cover needs to be removed due to maintenance and other reasons, the power supply must be cut off first, and the gas source is insufficient before maintenance and other operations can be carried out.

3. When the automatic harness crimping machine is running automatically, do not put your hands in the moving position or between the terminal modules. If necessary, you should first stop the operation of the equipment, cut off the power, or start working after unplugging. Failure to follow the above principles and come into contact with the machine may lead to accidents.

4. Repair by more than two people, the maintenance must have greeted each other, to confirm safety, while carrying out maintenance.

5. In order to replace (wires, posts, terminal moulds, etc.) or clean, when you put your hand into the host body, the power supply must be cut off and the air source can be carried out.

6. When the terminal is broken down, the power of the connector must be disconnected and operated with tools such as tweezers. Do not put your hand directly into the connector and remove it.

7. Programmable controllers, sensors, drivers and other electrical appliances cannot be touched at will, otherwise the equipment may get out of control and cause accidents.

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