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Common Failures of Automobile Wire Harness Crimping Machine
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As an important equipment in power industry, electrical industry wire harness and automobile industry, automatic terminal crimping machine has a variety of functions, such as feeding, tangent, wire stripping and end pressing, which will seriously hinder production in the event of failure. Wire harness plays an important role in new energy vehicles.
What faults are often encountered in the use of the fully automatic terminal machine, as well as fault analysis and solutions:

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Common failure causes of automobile wire harness terminal crimping machine.

1. The length of electron cut-off is not the same.

A. it may be that the feeding wheel is too tight or too loose; adjust the straightener so that it can be straightened and sent out smoothly.
B. tangent knife edge wear or edge damaged; replace new cutter.

2. The length of the strip opening is different.

A. the feeding wheel is pressed too tight or loose; use the roller to adjust the gap between the two wheels so that the wire is not flattened and slipped too loose.
B. the cutter cuts too shallow or too deep; use the cutter depth adjustment to adjust the knife edge to the appropriate position, so that the copper wire will not be hurt and the rubber can fall off smoothly.
C. Stripping knife wear or edge damaged; replace new cutting blade.

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3. The machine cannot start or stop in operation.

A. Check for current input (220V) and 6KG pressure.
B. check whether the set total quantity has arrived, and if so, reset the power supply and start it again.
C. Check to see if the wire or some running part is stuck.
D. Check whether the terminal machine has a signal connection or power connection and lead to the terminal machine without pressure.

4. the copper wire is uneven when pressing the terminal.

A. Check whether the gun-shaped swing arm catheter is attached to the wire.
B. Check whether the knife edge of the terminal machine is relative to the swing arm conduit.
C. Check whether the terminal machine auxiliary pressing block is loose.
D. Check whether the distance between the terminal machine and the automaton has changed.

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