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12 attentions of automatic wire crimping machine - JMK
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Although automatic wire crimping machine is a kind of relatively intelligent mechanical equipment, there are many things worthy of the attentions when using it. Many conventional problems are avoided, but there are still many areas that can be further improved and upgraded, but as a wire harness production factory, it is necessary for operators to seriously learn the precautions of using automatic wire crimping machine. and constantly organize and improve the relevant points for attention, constantly iterative upgrading, this is a good management habit.

automatic wire crimping machineautomatic wire crimping machine

12 attentions of automatic wire crimping machine.

1: To be installed on the ground or table where there are no bumps and vibrations, because the terminal machine is not artificial and can work for a long time, so there should be sufficient space to dissipate heat.

2: The basic power supply is generally 220V AC of the national standard, be sure to use the original special power plug of the automatic wire crimping machine.

3: To use a standard socket; please confirm the appropriate operating temperature (040 degrees Celsius).

4: If you do not use the machine for a long time, you should unplug the power supply and cover the machine with dustproof appliances.

5: Non-professionals can not transform and disassemble machinery, transform control circuits, etc., which will cause parts displacement and lead to errors in wire processing position.

6: Scald risk: usually the motor of the automatic wire crimping machine will give off a high temperature after working for a long time, please do not touch it with your hands or other parts, otherwise it is prone to scald accidents.

7: Danger of electric shock: do not touch motors and relays with wet hands to prevent leakage and electric shock. Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble machine motors and relays at will to prevent damage to parts and wires leading to leakage.
If there is leakage, contact a professional electrician to handle and replace parts.

8: The safety device or rear panel should not be removed.

9: The anhydrous pipe must be turned on before use in order to work properly.

10: Crush risk: do not put your hand near and into the running terminal machine, the working blade and stamping machine of the terminal crimping machine can instantly amputate the fingers! Therefore, it is necessary to set up a fully automatic wire crimping machine hazard notification board.

11: Regular maintenance: if you want to make the terminal machine run efficiently for a long time and prolong its service life, you need to do regular maintenance and do a good job of terminal crimping machine maintenance.

12: safety operating procedures: safety matters need to be made into fully automatic terminal machine safety operating procedures, so that front-line staff seriously learn and implement!

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