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Application market of Wire Crimping Machine - JMK
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Wire crimping machine has a wide range of uses. As long as it is for the needs of the production of wire harness with terminals, almost all of the problems can be solved by using the wire crimping machine, and in addition to this use, it can also be used in the production of power lines, data lines and other wire harnesses. More scenarios and requirements that you may not be able to think of for the time being can be realized through non-standard customized automatic terminal crimping machines. When many friends hear the name of the fully automatic crimping machine, they always think that it is just an automatic equipment for terminal crimping. In fact, the use of the automatic wire crimping machine is much more than that.

wire crimping machinewire harness machineterminal insertion machine

Used in the production of automotive wire harness.

Although it is called an automatic wire crimping machine, when we see the finished product produced by the wire crimping machine, we will understand that it is used to produce a wire harness with a convenient terminal head. However, a variety of terminal harnesses are widely used in the automotive industry, so there is a huge demand for production. Therefore, the automatic wire crimping machine is also one of the automotive wire harness processing equipment.

Used in the production of motorcycle wire harness.

Although the motorcycle wire harness is much less than the car, but the quantity is also huge, similarly, the automatic wire crimping machine is also used for the mass production of motorcycle wire harness. Of course, the wiring harness of other types of cars is also the same, so they will not be listed one by one.

Mobile phone data line production.

Of course, automatic wire crimping machines are also widely used in the production of mobile phone data lines, this quantity is huge, now smartphones are calculated in hundreds of millions of units, and looking at the global market, the quantity is even larger.

AC power cord production.

For example, the power line automatic assembly line, in fact, is often mixed with the full-automatic wire crimping machine for the same name, and the power line production volume is also larger. Not only the power cord with domestic plug, such as the power cord with Singapore plug, the power cord with Polish plug, all kinds of standard plug power cord can be produced in various countries.

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