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Is instruction manual of terminal crimping machine useful?
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Terminal crimping machine is very popular now in wire harness processing, many users say that they never read the instructions to operate the equipment. Is the manual still valuable. There are always a lot of friends asking for information about the instructions for the fully automatic terminal machine, and we can't send out the articles on the instructions for the operation of the ultra-quiet terminal crimping machine. On contrary, the matching manual is very useful, otherwise it will cause damage to the terminal machine, so don't refer to the mismatched manual to operate it.

terminal crimping machineterminal crimping machine

The function of terminal crimping machine manual book.

1. It must be useful.
Especially for beginners, the automatic wire terminal crimping machine manual is very useful, this is a guide to everyone, at least in the general direction will not have a big problem.
And we also suggest that no matter how familiar you are with the machine, you should read it all three times or more. So we think the instruction manual of automatic wiring terminal crimping machine is useful!

2. It is better to believe in books than to have no books at all.
Although the instructions are useful, not all the work can be carried out exactly according to the instructions, because the instructions are dead, and the specific circumstances of our use environment are different, which is the difference between the expert level and the novice. Instructions are just theories, but the knowledge and skills involved in practical application are much more than that.

3. Safety practices should be followed.
We should know that the instruction manual is only for the description of the corresponding terminal machine, and there are more safety regulations higher than the specification, such as fire safety and so on. And it is also very important that we have written the safety code for the automatic terminal crimping machine before.

Although today's machines are digital control, man-machine interface, many functions are reflected in the display screen, the operator can easily master the operation of the terminal crimping machine. However, in reality, the function of the instruction manual is irreplaceable. In addition to explaining the important operation instructions and parameter settings, the instruction manual also details some important matters, such as the circuit diagram, the instructions of the control system and how to solve the machine failure. Therefore, JMK suggests that you should take good care of the operation manual and make the corresponding operation guide after purchasing the terminal crimping machine.

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