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How To Solve Crimping Machine Cannot Crimp terminal well.
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Automatic crimping machine is kind of high efficiency wire harness processing equipment, which not only has high speed, also ensures quality better than manual. Recently, there are always inquiries saying that the crimping effect of their automatic terminal crimping machine is not very good. First consult how to solve it, and then want to understand why JMK can promise to avoid these problems. Here, please let JMK's engineering problem be solved.

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How To Solve Crimping Machine Cannot Crimp terminal well.

1. Wrong terminal model.
If the corresponding terminal type and wire do not match, it must be untenable, basically will be bad, this situation often happens to new employees.

2. Wrong use of mould.
If the mortise connection, that is, the wrong use of the crimping die, this kind of problem will also occur, and the fully automatic single-end terminal crimping machine will do crimping on one side, which is relatively easy to deal with. This kind of situation often occurs in the equipment administrator operation error, or after changing the line to produce a new variety of wire harness, the parts are not replaced in time, and the new parameters are not set in time.

3. Insufficient air pressure of crimping machine.
The automatic terminal crimping machine belongs to the integrated electrical automation equipment, which requires not only electricity, but also high-pressure gas. If the gas pressure can not reach the specified pressure, the problem may occur. As we mentioned earlier, the lack of pressure is also one of the reasons why the automatic terminal crimping machine failed to reset.

4. Problems with the equipment itself.
Finally, we should pay attention to automatic terminal crimping machine itself to see if the real equipment has malfunctioned. If it has been checked before and there are still problems after restart, then we need to refer to the "automatic terminal crimping machine failure and solutions" to operate. JMK crimping machine adopts full servo drive, equipped with Japanese imported technology crimping force detection system and CCD image analysis function, can cooperate with the operator to quickly adjust the crimping effect to achieve the best working condition. Coupled with the advanced pneumatic card die for different terminal crimping, the use of independent quickly replaceable crimping die, efficient, special, the best effect.

In short, there are many reasons for the failure of the automatic single-end terminal crimping machine, the above are the four common directions, but the specific problems in the actual use process should be combined with the use situation at that time to analyze, if the problem has not been solved, you might as well contact us directly!

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