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Wire Harness Process is inseparable from crimping machine.
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Automatic crimping machine can make different standard plug power harness, such as power cord production, EU plug power cord, Polish plug power cord and so on.In the course of daily life, no one seems to have come into contact with the wire harness, but in fact we always come into contact with it.In daily life, we can always come into contact with wires, so how are these wires processed and used around people's lives?The crimping machine is very popular in the whole wire harness industry, it plays a very important role, its existence saves a lot of labor costs, and the inefficient manual operation is replaced by high-efficiency mechanical production, and the qualified rate of the finished product is also greatly improved.When used in power cord manufacturers, we usually call it power cord production equipment, which is actually a kind of terminal crimping machine.

Why crimping machine is so widely used in wire harness production.

Generally speaking, as long as the factory that processes the wire will use the automatic terminal crimping machine, this kind of machine can easily press the hardware wire head which is difficult to be pressed manually to the end of the wire, and then turn it on.In the whole process, the crimping machine plays a very convenient role, making the crimping work simple and easy.

crimping machinecrimping machine
In the past, manual welding was needed to connect the wire to the wire.Because the terminal crimping machine is fully automatic equipment, so as long as there is no problem with the program setting, it can always be processed with high efficiency, and the work efficiency is incomparable to manual work.And manual will cause the wire harness quality instability, crimping machine will also avoid this problem.

Since the emergence of fully automatic terminal crimping machines, electronics, power, automotive and other industries have developed faster.From manual to semi-automatic, and then from semi-automatic to fully automated, this is the progress of science and technology, but also led to the economic development of the country.From the production point of view, the fully automatic terminal machine not only saves costs, but also improves efficiency, more importantly, it reduces the contact time between people and machinery, and prevents the occurrence of production safety accidents to a certain extent.In terms of power line production, it is only one of the applications of automatic crimping machines, and as far as power line production is concerned, it can be divided into national standard plug power cord, EU plug power cord, Polish plug power cord and other different standard plug power cord.

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