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How often is the Automatic crimping machine maintained?
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Automatic crimping machine is not too complicated, because the current level of automation is high, and the degree of intelligence is also high. It can be easily operated by simply teaching and reading the instructions. But the real maintenance of the fully automatic crimping machine is another matter, maintenance involves maintenance, so how often does the fully automatic crimping machine maintain?

automatic crimping machine

automatic crimping machine

Maintenance cycle of automatic crimping machine.

The maintenance of automatic crimping machine is according to its own situation, and the maintenance itself is divided into primary maintenance and secondary maintenance, that is, what we often call minor maintenance and major maintenance. For some regular factories, they will also establish a fully automatic terminal crimping machine maintenance plan. From the maintenance plan, we can see that it is divided into very small parts, such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance. However, if we want to divide the question of how often the automatic crimping machine is maintained, we can look at it from several points:

1. Planned maintenance.

Daily, weekly, monthly maintenance, actually for those who ask questions, this should belong to daily maintenance, and can't be summarized into the category of automatic terminal machine maintenance.

2. Maintain according to wear and tear.

If the factory has a large production capacity, we can not only ask the terminal machine manufacturer to do maintenance according to time, but should be considered according to the wear degree of the fully automatic terminal machine. For example, there is already something wrong with the knife die, which has led to a slight reduction in the production quality of the wire harness. We have to consider asking terminal machine manufacturers to arrange personnel to carry out related maintenance.

3. Maintain according to the manual book.

In general, automatic crimping machine manufacturers will be equipped with a user manual, and the manual will be very clear, each part of the use of how long or to what degree of wear will need to do first-class maintenance or secondary maintenance.

In short, if the automatic crimping machine is not used very frequently and the production capacity is not saturated, it may be enough to do maintenance once a year, but if it is not standardized, it does not operate in accordance with the operating specifications of the fully automatic terminal crimping machine, or if the production capacity is particularly large, it is necessary to maintain the fully automatic crimping machine according to the wear and tear of the equipment.

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