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How Does JMK customize wire harness processing Machine?
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Wire Harness processing machine is very popular in power electric and automotive industries, customized machine can provide perfect solution for wire process. After wire harness processing equipment for a long time, we met many kinds of strange demands. for example, some bosses just need to plug in the connector machine without crimping the terminal. Some wire harnesses only need tinning or crimping. How does JMK respond to all kinds of requirements?

wire harness processing machinewire harness processing machine

1. Customize the wire harness processing machine.

We can directly do nonstandard wire harness processing, which can be done, and that's exactly what we do. And the whole harness production of assembly line automation equipment, we can do non-standard customized research and development. Why is there such a strange need? In fact, as long as customer know the real scene, it is easy to understand, for example, there is a small factory, they only undertake the plug shell and some other processes, the other does not require him to do. It is also possible that the production of wire harness does not require a terminal at all, that is, it only needs to insert a plastic shell.

2. Design Modular set of equipment.

One of the biggest features of the wire harness processing machine designed and manufactured by JMK is modularization. Although its whole workflow is continuous, it can be separated in system control and easily realized in program. We have fully considered the different needs of customers in the actual case, so we divide the machine function into different modules. In this way, if the customer can only use the crimping program when using crimping only and turn on the full action mode when the whole action is needed, it is very convenient to switch.

3. Make the function of wire harness processing machine universal as much as possible.

At present, most factories are large-scale production and basically need more than one set of wire harness processing machines. JMK has fully taken into account the general style of wire harness processing equipment on the market when designing machines, and has designed crimping devices with full functions, so that even if customers do not use all the functions of JMK equipment at present, these devices will make customers consider the wire harness they may produce in the future for a rainy day.

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