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How to improve the accuracy of Automatic Crimping Machine
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Automatic crimping machine has one of obvious features is that its precision is high enough, which makes it invincible in the market. It is also the most significant advantage of gaining customer trust. Because the current industrial production is moving towards the direction of refinement, the production of many things is getting smaller and smaller and more and more refined. So people see that one of the advantages of the terminal machine is the improvement of precision, will be more interested.

How to improve the precision of the fully automatic crimping machine?

automatic crimping machinewire crimping machine

mainly depends on these points:

1. Actual and ideal values.

If the actual value of the processed object is close to the ideal value, it is easier to achieve the ideal value at this time. Because at the moment, as long as the machining error can be smaller, the higher the accuracy can be achieved.

2. Make use of the different types of automatic crimping machine.

There are many kinds of fully automatic crimping machines, including thick linear type and thin linear type. When finishing, the main purpose is to ensure its quality, so it is necessary to consider the durability of the cutting tools of the terminal machine and how to improve the production efficiency. At this time, the cutting method with gradually decreasing cutting depth can be used to achieve such a process of improving machining accuracy step by step. Of course, it looks a little more complicated, but in fact, this method is more effective and reliable in terms of accuracy.

At present, the precision requirements of the fully automatic crimping machine meet the needs of many occasions. In order to meet the accuracy requirements, it mainly depends on whether the value of the object processing is not much different from the ideal value. Otherwise, cutting tools of different thickness will be used to carry out the cutting work in a gradually decreasing way, so as to ensure that the precision is enough to meet the requirements.

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